Banking Apps: Open an extra bank account – quick and easy

If you are looking to get a quick and easy additional bank account.

Banking apps

We give you a list of options that you can check out.

Quick easy bank accounts

1. Cashplus

Features and benefits
* There is online banking as well as an app.
* Contactless debit card.
* You can deposit money at any Post Office.
* You can set up standing orders as well as direct debits.
* Includes a credit builder to build you credit rating.
Get more information and open an account, here: Cashplus Bank.

2. Monese

Features and benefits
* There is a app so you can manage your money easily.
* Free or monthly paid accounts.
* Credit builder.
* Multi currency accounts.
* No proof of address required.
Get more information and open an account, here: Barclays Bank Account.

3. Starling Bank

Features and benefits
* Manage your money easily with an app.
* Round up transactions when spending and save the rounded amount in a virtual bank.
* Apply for an award-winning account in minutes.
* You can also get a joint bank account.
* Set your own contactless payment limit.
Get more information and open an account, here: Starling Bank Account.

4. Monzo

Features and benefits
* Open a full UK bank account from your phone for free.
* Get interest paid on your money for up to £2000.
* If you already have a bank account or credit card, you can add it to Monzo and see all your balance and transactions.
* Get interest paid on your savings.
* Set budget for spending and get notifications on spending.
Get more information and open an account, here: Monzo Bank Account.

App based banks

5. Card One Money

Features and benefits
* There is not a credit check you need to do and there is no account fee.
* Get your sort code and account number by text, usually, within minutes.
* You are able to pay standing orders.
Get more information, here: Card One Money.

6. Pockit

Features and benefits
* You can open an account in 3 minutes, either online or on an app.
* Get an account with any credit history.
* You can get cash back from high street retailers.
Get more information, here: Pockit Bank.

7. Suits Me

Features and benefits
* You can open your account online or in an app.
* There is no credit check.
* You can get exclusive cash back rewards and deals from partners.
Get more information, here: Suits Me Bank.

Online bank account

8. Revolut

Features and benefits
* There is no credit check.
* No for proof of address.
* You can open a free account in minutes.
Get more information, here: Revolute Account.

Why get an additional bank account?

There might be a number of reasons why you would want another bank account or a second bank account. Here are a few reasons why having a second bank account could be useful.

1. Keep your savings separate

Having another bank account will enable you to keep you savings separate. This way, you will not be spending the money you have put aside for saving.

2. Get another debit card

Having another debit card, will be beneficial in case you damage or misplace your debit card, you will have another card to make transactions.

3. Security when shopping

When you shop online or do transactions to buy things, if you use a particular bank account for that and only keep a limited amount of money in that account, then it will secure your main account.

4. Get more overdraft facility

The more bank accounts you have, you might be able to get more overdraft facilities available to you. However, do remember that any money you spend with your overdraft will have to be paid back. So don’t spend money unnecessarily.

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