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If you are thinking about saving money on your gas and electricity, it's a good idea to compare and see what deals are available from all the top energy suppliers.


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Why switch business energy supplier

Many business are paying more for their energy prices than they need to. As energy prices always fluctuate depending on a number of factors, when your business signed up for a contract the prices might have been higher. And, if your business has not changed energy contract for a while, most likely you are on a standard contract, which is not the best value. That’s why you should compare and switch to cheaper tariffs when possible. 

Reduce your business expense by finding cheaper energy supply.


Here are anwers to some frequently asked questions

Compare deals and sign up with an energy supplier. After that, all the work will be done behind the scene by the energy suppliers. You will not notice any difference at your end. 

No there is no disruption to your gas or electricity.  Your business will continue to have energy supply. You will not notice anything. 

It could take up to a month for your energy supplier to change.

All the top energy companies are good. For you it will be the supplier that has the best tariff and the best deal. 


If you are not on a specific contract with a supplier or you are on a standard contract, then you can switch supplier anytime. If you are presently on a contract with a supplier and you want to switch before your contracts ends, then they might charge you a fee for breaking the contract early. The best time to switch is when you contract has ended or about to.

If you are in debt by a month’s payment, then you can switch energy supplier. This amount will be added to your final bill from your present supplier. It also depends on how much you owe. If you owe more than a month, you might not be able to switch until you have settled your payments with your present supplier.