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When accessing the website, we cannot be held responsible for information on deals, prices or offers made by partners or affiliate partners on this website and the information on quotes, deals, prices are taken from third party sources and believed to be accurate. However, we cannot guarantee or be held responsible for any inaccuracies, changes or fluctuations of information or data on this site.

Content and information

Contents and information on this site are not to be taken as accurate, correct or legal.

Personal information

When using this site, our partners, affiliate partners try to compare and find quotes, tariffs, deals or provide you will prices for services or products. To do this they might request certain information including (but not limited to): your full name, full address, postcode, telephone contact number, email address.

You might also be asked questions regarding your meter reading, energy bills, details about insurance you might hold and prices you might presently or previously paid for products or services.

When contacting us by email or telephone regarding queries products or services, we might also require these mentioned information from you.

If you provide us with contact information such as a telephone number, email address and address, when accessing services or products on this site, then you agree for our partners, affiliate partners or us (energyswitchandadvice.co.uk) to contact you if needed regarding the services and products you used on this website. Also, if you had requested for support or information, you give us permission to contact you.

Products and services provided by partners, affiliate partners and advertisers

We cannot be held responsible for or guarantee any products or services offered by partners, affiliate partners or advertiser on this site. If you have a complaint regarding any partners, affiliate partners or advertises, regarding products or services you have acquired from them, then you must make a complaint directly to them. For the complaint procedure of the company in question. It is no good complaining to us, as we do not have any say or influence over any matters of complaints against them.

Recommendations of products or services

We do not recommend any products or services on this site to be adequate or to meet your personal needs or circumstances. We, our partners, affiliate partners provide information and you must deicide if these are viable for your personal needs. You must choose and take your own decision on whether products and information meet your personal needs.


Regardless of the word ‘Advice’ on our company and site name. We do not give any ‘advice’ on this site to you what-so-ever. Nothing on this site constitutes ‘advice’, in general or in legal terms.

Commissions from partners, affiliate partners and advertisers

When you purchase a product or service from a partner or affiliate partner on this site, we get a commission. This helps with the delivery and maintenance of the site. We also get commissions from adverts being displayed on this site.