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Is it difficult to switch broadband providers

Now-a-days it is usually easy to switch internet providers. You can do it through a comparison site  or even do it yourself. 

It’s also easy for the internet providers to transfer new customers to their network from another provider, as so many people are switching regularly. 

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Here are anwers to some frequently asked questions

When you switch broadband providers, your new and present providers handle all the necessary needed to switch you over. 

Your internet might have minimal disruptions. You need to ask your new provider if your internet will be disrupted and for how long. 

You will need to ask your new provider, how long it will take.


Yes, by regulations, you are able to take your landline number with you. But, you will have to ask your new internet provider if they will allow you to transfer it to them. If however, you have a different company who you rent your landline phone number from then the switch will not affect your landline telephone number in any way. 

You new broadband provider will usually provide you with a new router or Hub.

Yes, you have a 14 day cooling off period to change your mind.