Best side hustles you can do in 2024 (In UK)

Are you looking to make some extra money ? If you are a side hustle is a great option to make some extra money.

Make money online UK

Whether, you want to work a few hour a week ot a few hours a day, a side hustle enables you to make that choice.

As prices are going up, people are finding it a struggle, so many people are looking to make some money to help with their budget.

Here are some great side hustles that you could do to get yourself some money.

1. Virtual Administration

If you are good at administration then you could do virtual administration by enrolling onto to sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

There are people around the world who need somebody to do administration work for them and they hire people through sites like Fiver and Upwork to do it for them.

You can join any of these sites, and make a profile. People will look at your profile and if they like it they will offer your jobs. You can either accept or not.

It is important to write a good profile. You can look at profiles already written by sellers to get ideas.

There are lots of people who make money with these sites. So and become a freelance seller.

Join, Fiverr, here: Fiverr.

Join, Upwork, here, Upwork.

2. Video Editing

If you are good at editing videos then you can sell yourself as a freelancer on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

There are people who need their video edited but cannot do it or do not have the time to do it. They hire out people to do it for them.

You can also easily learn to edit video on free available software like Apple iMovie, LIghtworks, Open Shot or Invideo.

3. Online Surveys / Watching Videos / Playing Games

You can make money by doing watching videos, playing games online and doing online surveys.

This will enable you to make money doing something leisurely. If you want to do this, you can join sites like Swagbucks, YouGov and Survey Junkie.

To make money with surveys, watching videos, playing games as well as getting cashback when shopping join, Swagbucks.

Join, Swagbucks, here: Swagbucks.

To make money with Surveys join, YouGov or Survey Junkie.

Join, YouGov, here: YouGov.

Join, Survey Junkie, here: Survey Junkie.

4. Childminder/Nanny

If you like looking after children then you can work as a childminder or nanny.

But remember depending on the country you reside in there will be certain laws and regulations you must follow. So look them up and get qualified before starting work.

How to be a Childminder/Nanny in England.

Childminding UK.

Become a childminder in Scotland.

Become a childminder in Wales.

Become a childminder Northern Ireland.

5. Content / Blog Writing

If you have good writing skills and able to write content or articles, you can make money as a side hustle by writing.

If you are good at carrying out research in to a topic or have an expertise in anything you might be able to write about that.

You could make money writing in sites like Fiverr or Upwork. Examples of topics you could write about include travel, business, cooking, health, fitness, personal finance and money.

Join, Fiverr, here: Fiverr.

Join, Upwork, here, Upwork.

6 Social Media Manager

Are you good at social media. If you are you can make money on the side managing people’s or a company’s social media.

It is also easy to learn with free online courses with Alison.

Free Social media courses with Alison.

You can sell yourself as a social media manager on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

You can even get some leaflets made and market yourself to your local businesses.

A lot of times local businesses such as cafes, restaurants and independent shops and traders have social media accounts but they do not get the time to manage it.

All you need is to get a few accounts from businesses and you could be making good money.

7. Dog Walking / Pet Sitting

You can take people’s dogs for walk and make some income on the side. If you walk you own dog you can do it at the same time, if possible. Or you can dog sit for somebody.

Here are some Apps to find dog walking jobs: Pawshake, Borrow My Dog.

You can also advertise on local shops/store windows for work. Or even get some business cards made and hand it out to people who have dogs.

And don’t forget you might get business by word of mouth from your customers.

Pet Sitting

If you like animals such as dogs and cats, then you can do some pet sitting jobs to make money as a side hustle.

There are people who go on holidays or need their pets taken care of on certain days so they hire a pet sitter.

Look at this app for work. Pawshake

You can also put an advertisement on shop/store windows in your local area.

8. Cleaning

If you wanted to make some money on the side you can do that by working as a cleaner. There are lots of companies, agencies looking for cleaners.

Do a search on the web and there will be loads.

However, you can also put an advertisement in local shops/stores to get clients.

Look for local cleaning jobs, here: Local Cleaning Jobs.

9. Tutoring

If you have a degree in an academic subject, you could consider tutoring as a side hustle. You could teach subjects like English, Maths or Science to pupils.

There are tutors who go around to pupils’ houses, work for tutoring companies or teach online.

If you carry out a search online for tutoring jobs, you should get information of jobs available in your area.

You could also market yourself and get tutoring jobs. And, usually if you get a few students, you could get more through word of mouth.

10. Virtual Assistant

You could work as a virtual assistant carrying out administration of office duties for people. This could mean word-processing, answering telephone calls or database tasks.

Some people requiring regular or occasional support but do not want to employ a full time or part time staff themselves.

You can market yourself on Fiverr or Upwork.

11. Rent Out A Spare Room

If you have a spare room in your property, then you could consider renting that out to a lodger to make some money.

There are lots of people looking for a room to rent as the cost of buying a property becomes more expensive. This could be a good way to make some extra money.

If you are thinking of renting out a room in the UK read this. Rent a room in your house.

In the UK, you can advertise in SpareRoom for free.

12. Blogging

You can make money on the side by blogging. You can build a blog and when it get’s lots of visitors, you can monetise it by affiliate links and showing adverts on your blogs.

However, regardless of what some people might say, it does take a lot of time and effort. It can take up to 2 to 3 years before you are able to make money from it.

But, if you are able to it could give you some good income on the side.

There are lots of videos on YouTube showing you how to start a blog.

13. Airbnb

If you have a property that you can spare a room or the whole property for a few days or a while, then you can rent it out on Airbnb.

There are lots of people making money by renting out their property.

If you are thinking of renting out a room in the UK read this. Rent a room in your house.

14. Sell Print On Demand T-shirts or Mugs on Etsy

You can sell print on demand t-shirt/mugs on Etsy or Amazon. You do not have to buy these t-shirts or mugs yourself as stock.

There are companies such as Printify or Printful who will send out t-shirts/mugs that you design to customers for you.

They will charge a cost price and then you sell it for a particular price and keep the difference. This is called print on demand.

There are lots of videos on YouTube on Print on demand on YouTube.

15. Music Teacher

Are you able to play an instrument such as a piano or a guitar? If you do and you are very good at it. Then you could consider teaching music.

There are lots of people who want to learn to play an instrument. You could teach people to make some extra money.

16. Personal Fitness Instructor

Do you enjoy exercising and keeping fit such a going to the gym. If you do you could consider being a Personal Fitness Instructor and help people to get fit.

But, you will not to do some qualifications as a Fitness Instructor before you can do that. But after you are qualified you can advertise yourself and get customers.

Here are some information and contacts on how to become a fitness instructor/gym instructor in the UK.

Future Fit.

How to become a fitness instructor in the UK.

17. Uber Driver/Cab Driver

If work as a Uber Driver or a Cab Driver, you could work for a few hours or as much as you want. With Uber you can start and stop work whenever you want. This gives you lots of freedom to choice your working hours and days.

You will have to go through some legal paperwork and security checks before you can start.

How to become a Uber Driver in the UK.

If you want to become a mini cab driver, you will need to get some legal paperwork sorted out before you can start.

You can get some information here:

Taxis and Private Hire.

18. YouTuber

Do you have a hobby or an interest in anything in particular? If you do then you could start a YouTube channel.

It does take time to gain following, but once you do, you could be making some income on the side.

It can be hard work creating and uploading videos. You will also need to know or learn video editing skills.

But, if you do manage to get lots of views and followers, you could make some good money by getting monetised.

Search on YouTube on how to set up and make YouTube videos.

19. Party Organiser

Are you good at organisation parties? Can you make a party fun and exciting for everybody? If you can then you can do party organising as a side hustle to make money.

You might have to book entertainment and party spaces, but if you are able to do that, then it might be a job for you.

You could market yourself with leaflets and advertise locally.

Once you have done a few parties, you might also get jobs through recommendations.

20. Make Money From Social Media

If you grow a social media following with Instagram or Facebook, then you can make money by affiliate marketing, doing sponsored posts or doing shoutouts.

In order to grow you following you will need to upload entertaining contents on a regular basis.

But if you do manage to get a good following you could be making some extra money as a side hustle.

21. Make a Course

If you have an expertise in something such as video editing or business management. You can write a course and sell it online.

You can sell your course on site like Udemy and make some money on the side.

22. TikTok

If you like making videos, they you could open a few TikTok accounts and monetise them. If you get views and followers you could make some money as a side hustle.

However, you will have upload content on a regular basis, so it does take a lot of effort.

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