Best Internet Providers UK – Cheapest and Best Quality

We have made a list of the best internet providers available in the UK. We have chosen some of the cheapest and best providers of broadband.

Broadband providers
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Cheapest Broadband Plans By Providers

Here are some of the cheapest broadband available, but still have quality.

Get dealProviderPlanPrice Per monthContract
Get dealGigaclearSuperfast 200£17.0018 months
Get dealNowBrilliant Broadband£18.0012 months
Get dealHypersonic50 MB£20.0024 months
Get dealVodafoneFull Fibre 36Mbps£22.0024 months
Get dealTalkTalkFibre 35£24.0018 months
Get dealEEFull Fibre 36mb/s£27.0024 months

Best Quality Broadband Plans By Providers

Here is a list of the best quality broadband available for demanding usage.

Get dealProviderPlanPrice Per monthContract
Get dealVirginM80£38.0018 months
Get dealPlusnetFull Fibre 500£40.9924 months
Get dealBTFull Fibre 900£40.9924 months
Get dealVodafonePro II Full Fibre 200£42.0024 months
Get dealEEFull Fibre Max Gigabit 900mb/s£47.0024 months

Best Value Broadband Plans By Providers

Here are some of what we think are the best value broadband options.

Get dealProviderPlanPrice Per monthContract
Get dealGigaclearUltrafast 300£19.0018 months
Get dealVodafoneFull Fibre 200£30.0024 months
Get dealEEFull Fibre Plus£30.0024 months
Get dealBTFull Fibre 500£30.9924 months
Get dealVirgin M500 £33.0018 months

How To Choose A Broadband Provider

It can be difficult choosing a broadband provider. There are a number of things to consider and not just the price and affordability. Here are a few things to consider.

Your Broadband Needs

You have to consider your needs, what are your needs? Do you only need it for yourself, or is it for a household? If it’s for a household, how many people will be using the internet at the same time? If there is up to 4 people, then most broadband plans should be enough.

If however, there are more than 4 people, you might need to cater for this by purchasing a Plan that will be able to cope with the data usage. Otherwise, your internet might be slow and get frequent interruptions and go offline.

Broadband deals


Price and affordability is important. Since you will be on a contract, sometimes up to 24 months, it is important that you are able to afford to pay for the Plan you are choosing.

Don’t choose a Plan that you might not be able to keep up the payments for the duration of the contract. You don’t want to get into debt. It is better to choose the best you can afford within your budget.

Do You Want A Broadband With A Landline

Do you need a broadband with a landline or without a landline. Using broadband through a landline is usually more stable and reliable. But, you might not have a landline in your property and you might not want to get a landline installed.

Reliability and Reputation Of The Provider

You have to consider the reliability and reputation of the company. A large company is more likely to have adequate set-up of customer service and personnel so if you needed support it would most likely be quick and efficient. Especially if you need an engineer coming out to your property. However, this might not always be the case.

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