Best Cashback Sites UK-Make £100s when shopping online

If you shop regularly online such as buying clothes, groceries or electrical goods you could be making £100s of extra money just by doing your shopping with a cashback site.


This does not mean that you will have to only buy specific items that are recommended by the cashback sites.

What it means is that you just do your normal shopping as you would do, but through the cashback site and you will make money.

So why not make extra money by carrying the shopping you do online.

How do cashback sites give you money?

Cashback sites make a contract with a company, say Argos, that will give them a percentage of the sales that customers buy by going through their site.

Then all the cashback sites do is to give you a percentage of that when you shop using them.

What sites can you shop at?

Cashback sites

With cashback sites, you can shop at 1000’s of different sites and companies including Argos, M&S, Wilko, TK MAXX and House of Fraser.

This also depends on what cashback site you sign up with and shop through.

When can I collect my cash?

When you have collected a certain amount of money by shopping, you can collect that money as cash or you can spend it towards buying something.

Some cashback sites will require you to have a certain amount saved up before you can collect it.

List of the best cashback sites

1. TopCashBack

Best cashback sites UK

TopCashBack claims to be the UK’s leading cashback site. With them you can make savings on 1000’s of the top UK brands.

There are two memberships available. The free version and the paid version.

The paid version costs £5 per year but it gives you up to an average of 16% more cashback than the free version.

With the free version you can get up to 10% pay-out bonus with Reward Wallet and with the paid version you can get up to 20% pay-out bonus.

With the paid version, you also get exclusive member promotions and member competitions.

Join, TopCashBack, here: TopCashBack Membership.

2. Quidco

Best cashback sites UK

Quidco is another of the well known cashback site. They say they have no catch or hidden charges. They also claim to have the highest cashback rates.

They have over 10m members in UK and have paid out well over £500m. In addition, they claim that an average member makes about £300 per year.

That is not bad. £300 can become very useful when you are making it just by doing your normal online shopping.

Quidco has over 5000 popular brands that you can shop with including Amazon, Argos, Wilko and ASOS.

Join, Quidco, here: Quidco Membership.


3. Swagbucks

Best cashback site UK

With Swagbucks you can get cashback and it is free to join. You can also save money with online coupon codes when you shop online using Swagbucks.

In addition, with Swagbucks you can make extra money by watching videos, listening to music, playing online games and doing surveys.

You can make £100’s of pounds a year doing these activities.

If you join Swagbucks download the free Swagbutton and it will tell you when you are on a site that you can save money, get coupons or cashback.

Join, Swagbucks, here: Swagbucks Membership.

4. Rakuten UK

Best cashback sites UK

When you shop through Rakuten UK, they will give you cashback. They have over 600 shops you can shop from.

Rakuten also give you double and triple cashback opportunities. So you can get more money back.

Join, Rakuten UK, here: Rakuten UK Membership.

Are cashback sites legit?

Cashback sites are definitely legitimate. They really do give you cashback. As an example:

Swagbucks have already paid out over £559,227,415 to customers.

That is a substantial amount of money paid out to customers and this number is increasing all the time.

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