Gas and Electricity Suppliers 2023 (Get the best deal)

Sometimes there is a need to change energy suppliers due to the ending of existing contracts. Or when we are looking for cheaper energy tariffs. Changing gas and electricity suppliers can save £100’s when we switch suppliers.

Here we provide a list of gas and electricity suppliers in the UK including Green Energy and Renewable Energy suppliers.

Energy suppliers

In addition, we provide a list of all the Ofgem recommended energy comparison sites so you can compare energy prices and get the best deal.

Energy Suppliers

Here is a list of energy suppliers in the UK that you can search for energy deals.

Switching Energy Suppliers

Energy suppliers

Energy prices have increased a substantial amount over the last couple of years and many people are finding it difficult to heat their homes or have energy for regular everyday tasks such as cooking.

Checking out quotes and prices for energy with a number of providers and finding the best tariffs could save you £100’s.

There are lots of people who are not making any savings on their energy bills because they are not switching to better deals when their existing contracts comes to an end.

Ofgem Approved Comparison Sites To Find Energy Deals

Here are some Ofgem approved comparison sites.

Green and Renewable Energy Suppliers

Energy suppliers

Here are some Green and Renewable Energy suppliers.



Good Energy

Shell Energy

Opus Energy

So Energy

How To Switch Energy Supplier

You will need your post code and address, and if possible your most recent energy bill. You can switch without having your recent energy bill, but you would get a more accurate estimate with it. You will also need to know the name of your energy supplier(s) you are presently with.

Then either go directly to the website or an energy supplier or a comparison site and use their quote widget on their site to get a quote.

Energy supplier

We recommend you go onto a few suppliers and comparison sites to see what they offer you.

How Long To Switch Energy Supplier

Switching energy suppliers will take a maximum of 3 weeks. You should not notice any difference as all the work will be done behind the scene.

There should not be any disruptions to your energy supply, so it should not affect your daily energy requirements.

Best Time To Switch Energy Supplier

The best time to switch energy supplier is when you have come to the end of your existing energy contract. By switching at this time, you will not be fined or penalised for leaving your contract early.

If you are on a standard tariff, you are probably not on a contract. You should get quotes from a number of suppliers and comparison sites to see if you can save some money.

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