How to cancel Amazon Prime – Quick and Simple

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How to cancel your Amazon Prime Membership

Here is how you can cancel Amazon Prime Subscription:

  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • On the top right corner, hoover your mouse cursor over where it says ‘Hello, (your name), Account & Lists (or click on it, if it’s a touchscreen device). You will see a drop down menu appear, click on ‘Your Prime Membership‘.
  • You will then come to your Prime membership information page. It will have your name on the left corner, and showing your Prime Plan. On the right corner of this page, click on ‘Manage Membership‘. When you’ve done that, a drop down list will appear. Click on ‘End Membership‘.
  • You will then come to a page showing you the benefits of Prime membership and encouraging you to stay. Click on the option that says ‘I Do Not Want My Benefits‘.
  • You will come to another page, encouraging you to keep your membership. Click on ‘Continue to Cancel‘.
  • It will then go to another page asking your to confirm your membership cancellation. Click on ‘End Prime Benefits Now‘.
  • It should now take you to a page stating ‘Cancellation confirmed‘. If it does not go to the ‘Cancellation confirmed’ page but takes you to another page asking if you would like to stay or giving you a special offer, continue to click ‘Cancel membership’ until the ‘Cancellation confirmed’ is shown. If you leave the process before getting a confirmation of your cancellation, you will not have cancelled your membership.

The reason Amazon sometimes takes you through a multiple of pages is because they want to get you to change your mind. But, continue going through the pages, and keep cancelling until you get a confirmation of your Prime membership being cancelled.

Do you Prime Membership?

Having Prime membership will put pressure on you to keep buying from Amazon, because you are paying monthly for free shipping or delivery.

This along with the easy single click buy, will make it more likely you will be impulse buying. And, spending money on things without properly thinking about it.

You might be buying things that you really do not need or needed, simply because it is a easy process to buy and get it delivered for free.

If however, you had to pay for the shipping or delivery, you might think twice about buying something from Amazon. You might ask yourself ‘Do I really need this’.

Surfing online, clicking and buying can become addictive. Especially when you are getting bored or have nothing to do.

Music and Video Streaming

Do you need to stream music and video from Amazon Prime. There are lots of sites you can listen to music from such as Spotify. And you can look at free videos on YouTube.


Can you afford all the extra expense. Or is it affecting your finances and budgeting paying for the Prime Membership and buying from Amazon.

Shop Around

If you did not have the pressure of Amazon Prime membership, you could shop around on different sites and use price comparison sites to find best prices. This could save you money.

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