Job Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are you are going for a job interview?

Jobs interview mistakes

Here is a list of things you must avoid when going for a job interview.

1. Go Unprepared

Never go unprepared to a job interview. You must always carry out your preparation to the fullest.

This includes practising questions with somebody or recording yourself answering the questions and listening back.

You must also go over your CV to familiarise yourself with the tasks you did in previous roles. In addition, go over any personal statement you have sent them to remind yourself of what you have written.

If you have been tasked to do a presentation as part of the interview, you must prepare it as good as you can and practise delivering it to somebody.

2. Not researching and finding out about the company

You must research and find out about the company. You could be asked at the interview why you would like to work for them. Or what you know about them.

You should be able to say something about them, so show you have looked them up and that you are really interested in the company.

3. Lateness

Do not be late to the interview. Some interviewers might completely hold that against you, and not offer you the job.

However, don’t go to your interview too early as it might cause them problems. Go there about 15 minutes before the interview.

4. Not look excited and motivated

When you are at the interview, you must look motived and interested and not have a blank expression.

The interviewers want to see that you are really motivated and excited about the opportunity.

5. Do not say negative things or bad things about previous employers, job or colleagues

Never speak negatively about your previous employers, job or colleagues. Because, people will think if they gave you the job, you would also speak negatively about them when you leave.

They might ask ,”What didn’t you like about your previous job?”

Just say: there is nothing you can think about that you did not like about your previous role. You liked working there, and you liked working with your colleagues.

If your previous job was a distance away, you can say that, you did not enjoy the long commute. But apart from that, you really liked working there.

Job interview mistakes

6. It’s better not to ask about the salary

It’s better not to ask about the salary.

But sometimes, if it was not stated anywhere, you might have to. After all, you need to be able to pay your rent and bills.

If you do ask about the salary ask in a passive way. Like:

“I do apologise about brining up the salary, but I have not seen it stated anywhere at all. Do you happen to know the salary range?”

If they tell you how much it is, stop there. You now know how much it is, don’t ask any further questions.

If you get offered the role and you think the salary is not enough for you. You can discuss it further then.

7. Not smiling

You must smile every now and then. By smiling it shows people you are friendly, approachable and you would get on with people.

If you don’t smile at all, you might come across as somebody who might not fit into the team environment.

8. Bad body posture and language

Don’t have sloppy body posture. When you are sitting, sit with your back straight and do not slouch.

Look at your interviewers when they are talking to you and when you are speaking to them.

9. Be dishonest

It’s not a good idea to lie, at an interview. If you get caught, you almost certainly will not get the job offer.

And, if you do get the job offer, and you started work, and then it comes out that you were lying, it could be a sackable offence.

10. Do not go dressed inappropriately

Job interview mistakes

Do not go dressed inappropriately to the interview. In almost all cases you have to be smartly and formally dressed. Unless, you are going for a job in a warehouse or factor. You can go dressed casual smart.

Also do not wear too much jewellery, make-up or perfume.


Here are some examples of mistakes you should avoid when going for an interview. If you get these right, it will be beneficial towards having a successful job interview.

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