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Do you want to make money online as a side hustle or something to do on a part time or full time basis? We look at a number of genuine ways you can start to make money online.

Make money online UK

How you can make money online in the UK

There are a number of ways you can make money online in the UK. This can vary from taking part in something quick, to working part or full time or setting up your own business.

You can do all of these working from home, so if you are unable to go out to work, this will be perfect for you. We even tell you how you can make money from watching videos or playing online games.

Making money online from home, will enable you to have more freedom and flexibility. With some of the suggestions we make, you could make money passively after a time.

This means, you will be making money without having to do anything or a minimum amount of work.

1. Print On Demand

Starting a print on demand business is a good way to make money and start a business with low or no set up cost.

You sell your own design t-shirts, mugs, water bottles and more and build your own brand. You don’t have to buy any materials or hold any stocks or have to make or print the products.

You don’t even have to post out the products yourself, all the the printing, making or products and posting the orders will be done by the print of demand company.

It will cost you nothing to make and sell these products. All you have to do is put your own design or wording on the t-shirts or mugs and the print on demand company will fulfil the orders for you. You will get a percentage of the selling price.

The amount of profit you make will depend on how much you sell your products for. You can build up a brand from home.

What you have to do is find a profitable niche and do your design or phrases to put on your t-shirts and mugs.

Go onto Amazon or Etsy and search for t-shirts and mugs and see what type of design or working a selling well for t-shirts or mugs.

The most popular print on demand companies are Printify and Printful.

You can market and sell your products in the UK and around the world. And, all this being done from your home.

You can integrate Printify and Printful with Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, TikTok Shop and more.

Here are some more information:

Selling on Etsy with Printify.

How to set up print on demand POD on Amazon.

T-shirt designs

If you want T-shirt designs you can, you can hire somebody from Fiverr to design them for you.

Just type in t-shirt design in the search on Fiverr. You can get a freelancer to design your t-shirt for £5.

Some people are making from hundreds to thousands of pounds every month by selling print on demand. But, that might take a while until you have built enough products and designs.

You would probably need a few hundred designs available for a range of products including t-shirts and mugs.

2. Paid Online Surveys

We start this list with a very easy way that anybody can make money with hardly any effort.

You can make money by doing online surveys. There are a number of companies that you can do this with.

They will pay you for doing surveys, and giving your opinion on a variety of things including sports, politics and entertainment. Some surveys can be done in only 5 minutes.

There is no skills to it or there is nothing that you have to learn to do it. They just want your individual opinion.

With a few of the companies you can get paid by playing watching online videos or playing online games.

As, well as giving you money, you can get gift cards as well as cashback when you shop online.

Here are some of the best paid online survey sites. You can join a few of them, if you want. They are all slightly different.


Make money online uK

Branded Surveys



Survey Junkie

Valued Opinions

i-Say (IPSOS)


With paid surveys, depending on how much time you put in, you could make £100’s monthly.

3. Blogging

Make money online UK

Starting a blog and blogging can be a really good way to make some money. Once you have started making money from your blog, it will eventually give you passive income.

When it becomes a passive income, you will not be doing much but collecting the money from posts you have put up previously.

However, making money from blogging can take some time. It might take you up to a year, or longer before you have some money coming in.

You make money by selling affiliate products on your blog and by the advert revenue. Some people make thousands of pounds a month from blogging. you

Before you start your blog you will have to decide about the niche or subject you would like to blog about. It does not have to be something you are an expert in. It could be about a subject you would like to learn more about yourself.

Here are some of the most popular subjects to write a blog about.

  • Travel
  • Health and Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Personal Finance and Saving Money
  • Food and Drink
  • Parenting
  • Home
  • Investing

These are popular, but they also have the most competition when ranking your article. Sometimes, it’s much better to write about things that are popular but not many people are blogging about.

Find a part of a niche, in that way you will have less competition. For example rather than writing about sports and blogging about all sports, concentrate on a particular sport such as fishing or basketball. There will be less completion.

The flip side to that is, writing about all sports gives you more things to write about. This is something you will have to decide upon.

If you would really like to blog as a business, you should use WordPress to write your blogs. That is the most common format.

You will also need to enrol with a hosting company. Some of the most popular hosting providers are:

You can learn how to do a blog in WordPress from YouTube.

4. Make Money Playing Games And from Searching The Web

If you want to make some money by playing online games and searching the web, then you can do that as well.

make money online

That must be a good deal. You can entertain yourself by playing games or surfing the web and get get paid for it.

The companies are able to do this because you will be having adverts displayed to you. All they do is give you a percentage of that.

There are a number of companies that you can do that with. These are our best selections:

When you have collected enough money, you can get paid through PayPal. pays you for searching the web. You also do online surveys with them. Install the browser extension and use it to search and you will get paid when watching and clicking on the ads.

5. Proofreading / Editor

If you are good at English and English grammar and punctuations then you could make money online by being a proof-reader/editor.

You must also have good writing skills and have an eye for detail. There are lots of people and organisations who need proof-readers to read over and check their written content.

There are also authors or writers that need somebody to edit their work in order to make improvements.

If that sounds like you, then you could make some money as a proof-reader or editor working from your computer or laptop. This will give you the freedom to work from home or anywhere.

You could advertised yourself on Upwork or Fiverr as a proof-reader/editor.

Here is a free course available on An Introduction To Proof-reading.

Get another course here: Proof-reading with The Open University.

6. Free Money With Cashback Sites

Do you buy things online? Do you shop at places like Amazon, Argos and Asos? If you do then you can make free money by doing your shopping through a cashback site.

If you register with a cashback site and do your shopping through them, in up to 500 popular stores, you will get some cashback and rewards.

Switch energy supplier

By using cashback sites, an average member can get around £300 per year. That is not bad, for just doing your normal shopping online.

When you buy items from a retailer, Cashback sites gets a percentage of that. And, they give some of that money to you.

Some cashback sites, even give you money for playing online games and watching videos online.

Here are the best cashback sites in the UK.




Rakuten UK

7. Review Music And Fashion And Get Paid

Do like music, fashion and giving your opinion? If like listening to tracks and giving your opinion on it, then you can also make money at the same time.

With you can get paid for for leaving your feedback on tracks and fashions. This helps the artists and the creative industry to make decisions. The better review you leave, the more you will get paid.

8. Sell your photos and for cash

Have you got nice photos that you have taken with your Apple phone? If you have then you can sell them on Stockimo (Apple Store).

They have to be good photos that are quality You can sell them from a few pounds to hundred of pounds depending if it was being bought for personal or commercial use.

If you have a proper camera like a DSLR camera and you take nice photographs of indoors, outdoors, animals and people, you can sell them to stock photo sites.

Here are some stock photo sites to sell your photos to:



Adobe Stock


You can sell photos of indoors, outdoors, food, people, animal and more.

9. Make Money With YouTube

There are lots of people who make a good amount or tremendous amount of money as a Youtuber.

Obviously, you probably will not make millions a year like some YouTube sites or YouTube shorts, but there are lots of Youtubers that make a decent amount of money per month.

Growing your YouTube channel might take a long to do. But, if you manage to do it, it can give you a good monthly income.

You could start by using your mobile phone to shoot videos, but ideally you should get a good DSLR Camera to shoot your videos in good quality

You will need to decided what type of videos you would like to make, by finding a niche. Have a look at videos and see what you like.

Also search on YouTube, how to start a YouTube channel for beginners.

10. Make Money With TikTok

TitTok is another option for you to make money. There are millions of people around the work making TikTok videos and getting paid for it.

You don’t even have to create your own videos, you can use videos that are on TikTok and add to it, and then put it up. There are lots of people doing that.

You will get paid by TikTok when people watch your videos.

TikTok also has a Shop, that you can promote the products on TikTok and when they sell you will get a commission

Look up on YouTube on how to start a TikTok channel.

10. Virtual Assistant

Make money online UK

There are lots of people and companies out there around the world that use virtual assistants to carry out tasks for them. This could be from administration to video editing to managing their social media account.

Being a virtual assistant means that you can work from home and work flexibly to your needs.

You can join Fiverr or Upwork and advertise yourself as a virtual assistant.

11. Create and Sell Printables on Etsy

There are many people who are creating printables on sites like and selling them on Etsy.

Printables are things like wall part, stickers, calendars or daily diary that you sell on Etsy that people can print off on a printer.

This means, you don’t have to hold any stock or mail it out to people. When they buy it, they can print it off themselves.

Take a read. How to sell printable on Etsy.

12. Self-publish An E-Book

If you like writing and have a novel inside you why not publish an e-book Or if you have a profession or or a subject you would like to write about, do an e-book.

There are places you can sell your e-book such as Amazon, Apple Books and Google Play.

If you put your e-book on Apple Books, you will get 70% of the selling price.

Read this article: Where to sell e-books.

Read this. How to self-publish an e-book on Amazon.

13. Watch Videos And Make Money

If join and watch videos, you can get money. And, at the same time you can support social and environmental causes.

When you watch videos, gets money from advertisers and they pay some of that to you.

14. Virtual Receptionist

If you have good customer service skills and good at talking on the telephone, then you could work as a virtual receptionist from home.

There are lots of companies out there that needs people to provide customer service on the telephone. They want people to work from home because it saves from having to hire out office space.

Some companies do not require you to have any experience.

Just search online for virtual receptionist jobs.

Have a look here: Search for virtual receptionist jobs.

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