Now TV Smart Stick Review: Things to know before buying

Thinking of purchasing a Now TV Smart Stick? Here is some information to know before buying. This includes the Pros and Cons of the Now TV Smart Stick.

Now TV Stick

What is a Now TV Smart Stick

A Now TV Smart Stick is a portable device that plugs into the HDMI port of your television. Once you have done that you can stream programmes from your Now TV membership onto your TV.

What do you get with a Now TV Smart Stick

  • You can get the content of your Now TV membership including Entertainment and Cinema.
  • Get lots of apps including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix and YouTube.
  • Hotel Connect – watch your Now TV in hotels, student halls or anywhere that you can sign in to a Wifi using a web browser.
  • Voice control search


  • Compact and can easily be set up by plugging into the HDMI port of your TV.
  • Can purchase Boost so you can share on different devices and persons.


  • Must purchase Boost to watch on additional devices.
  • Voice activated search not the best and can be improved.

Pay per view sports

If you don’t want to sign up to Sky Sports on Now TV, there are pay per view sports available so you can pay and watch a single sporting event.

What else to look out for

When you register, you have to sign up by giving your debit or credit card details. This is ok, but you must be careful not to select and purchase programmes or films by error. It is best to make sure you have the purchase control on and protected with a pin number.

Now TV


When the Now TV Smart stick initially come out it was possible to get it for £9.99, but now it has gone much pricier at £29.99. However, they do often come on sale and can be purchased for less.

Usability and sign-up

The usability of the device is easy and straight forward. But the setting up can be difficulted if you do not have adequate IT skills. You need to sign up and log on through the internet and follow instructions to activate your Now TV Smart stick. Anybody with adequate IT ability should be able to do it. So if your IT is not good, ask somebody to help you.

Do you need it

If you have a smart TV, then you might already have numerous apps such as the ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer and YouTube available. So unless you wanted to purchase anything additional such as the Now TV Entertainment, Cinema or Sports, then it might not be worth buying it.


For the price, Now TV is a good option for a Smart TV and streaming. It is also very practical and handy and can easily be set up to the HDMI port of your TV.

If you need a smart TV and the ability to stream, then Now TV is a good option.

Go to Now TV, here: Now TV.

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