Plusnet Broadband Review: Award winning, No contract – How good is it?

Are you thinking about signing up to Plusnet Broadband? Here is some information to help you decide.

About Plusnet Broadband

Plusnet has become quite a name as a broadband provider. They started independently then was bought our by BT.

BT decided to keep the Plusnet Broadband brand and not merge it with BT Broadband. As Plusnet is owned by BT, they most likely use Openreach and some of BT’s technology and resources. The same as EE who are also owned by BT.

Plusnet Broadband have a number of plans and options depending on what is available in your area. Here are some plans and prices typically available.

Unlimited Broadband Deal

Get dealProviderPlanDownload speedPrice p/mReward CardContract
Get dealPlusnet Full Fibre 7474 Mb£23.99 p/m£50 reward included24 months
Get dealPlusnet Fab Fibre 145145 Mb£27.99 p/m£60 reward included24 months
Get dealPlusnet Super Fibre 500500 Mb£37.99 p/m£75 reward included24 months

Award winning broadband

Plusnet Broadband won the most reliable broadband provider from the Choose provider’s award for 2022.

No contract

Plusnet Broadband has a no contract option available but you have to pay £60 activation fee.

Customer reviews

Plusnet has a 2 Star out of 5 Stars rating on Trustpilot given by customers. That is graded as ‘Poor’.

UK based customer service

Plusnet Broadband has UK based customer service.

Home phone package

Plusnet also have phone packages you can buy.

Plusnet Broadband contact number

You can contact Plusnet Broadband on: 0800 432 0200

Setting up Plusnet


Plusnet Broadband is owned by BT like EE. So you are most likely getting BT and EE technology and resources at a cheaper price. So if you are thinking about getting broadband, Plusnet Broadband looks like a good option.

Go to Plusnet Broadband, here: Plusnet Broadband.

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