Tesco Mobile Insurance: Is it worth it?

Tesco offers mobile insurance called Tesco Mobile Protect.

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We take a look at what they are offer and see if it’s worth it.

Tesco Mobile Protect

Tesco Mobile Protect is the mobile phone insurance from Tesco. It used to be called something else but from November 2017, they have called it Tesco Mobile Protect.


Tesco have different bands as prices and your band is decided on the value of your mobile phone at the time you are purchasing the Tesco Mobile Protect insurance.

In addition, you have to pay an excess fee if you make a claim. The excess fee is also decided at the time when you purchase an insurance. (Excess fee is what you have to pay in order to complete a successful claim).

When you buy Tesco Mobile Protect, they will inform you of your band and excess fee charge. If your mobile phone ages and its value goes down, then sometimes, Tesco might reduce your excess fee. You can call them to find out your up to date excess fee.

Here are the monthly price bands and excess fee charges.

BandMonthly chargeExcess fee

What is covered

  • Accidental damage including cracked screen and liquid damage.
  • Damage caused maliciously by somebody who does not have permission for them to use your device.
  • Theft and loss of device.
  • Pet damage.
  • Use by friends and family.
  • Breakdowns after it’s out of warranty.

What is not covered

  • The claim excess fee
  • Any fault that occurs during the manufacturer’s warranty period (where you are covered by the manufacturer).
  • Cosmetic damage (where the device works as normal, apart from when you are claiming for a cracked screen).
  • Damaged that is caused by making alterations to your device or acting against the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Any calls, texts, data usage and downloads made on a missing device.
  • Accessory only claims. Unless you are claiming for a battery, mains charger or the hand free kit that came with the device.

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim, you can do that 24/7. You can make an online claim, here: Make a claim.

You can also call the Tesco phone insurance team, on: 0345 030 3290. (See their terms and conditions).


You can cancel your policy anytime by calling the Tesco phone insturance team on 0345 030 3290.


It’s quite difficult making a comment regarding the price and value as everybody will be on different bands depending on the price of their device.

Tesco should make the pricing simpler. If you are going for mobile insurance with Tesco, then see the band you get and the excess you will have to pay and decide if it’s good compared to what is out there.


There are alternative companies that also do mobile insurance.

Best mobile phone insurance

Here are some alternative companies for mobile and gadget insurance.

Protect Your Bubble

Main features
* Unlimited repairs.
* Discounts for students.
* Get worldwide cover for theft, damage and mechanical breakdown.
* 2 theft/loss claim per year per gadget.
* Insurance available for gadgets and mobile phones.
* Able to submit claims online.
Go to website, here: Protect Your Bubble Insurance.

Loveit Coverit

Features and benefits
* Unlimited claims and repairs.
* UK-based customer service team.
* Policies tailored for your needs.
* No minimum contract.
Get more information and apply, here: Love It Cover It Insurance.

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