VOXI Mobile Review – Low Cost International Calls, Unlimited Social Media: Is it any good?

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VOXI Mobile
4.7 / 5

If you are thinking of purchasing VOXI, take a look at our comprehensive review. Find out what you need to know to help you decide.

VOXI Mobile gives you plans with Unlimited Social Media, so you can use as much Social Media as you like without using your data. At the moment they have their Sale and they are offering 30GB of data for only £10 a month.

Here are some plans VOXI are offering.

Get DealPriceDataMinutes and TextContract
Get Deal£1015GB 30GBUnlimitedChange, pause or cancel anytime
Get Deal£20100GB 200GBUnlimitedChange, pause or cancel anytime
Get Deal£35£30UnlimitedUnlimitedChange, pause or cancel anytime


  • What network does VOXI Mobile use?
  • Phones
  • Sim only plans
  • Endless social media and video
  • EU roaming
  • Keep your number
  • Endless flexibility
  • Personal hotspot
  • Low cost international calls
  • VOXI Customer Service
  • VOXI Customer ratings
  • Conclusion
  • Our ratings

What network does VOXI Mobile use?

VOXI is a brand of Vodafone, so uses the Vodafone network for its mobile delivery. You will get the same reliability and coverage as you would for Vodafone.

Before taking out a VOXI Mobile contract, check out the coverage in your area. To check coverage, go here: VOXI Network Coverage Checker.


VOXI offers a range of phones for you to purchase, including all the latest models from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Google. You can select new phones or ‘like new’ phones, which are not new.

With VOXI you purchase a phone and then choose a plan to go with it. As an example, you can purchase an Apple iPhone 12, 64GB, for £24 per month on a 30 months period. Or you can get a Samsung A22 5G, 64GB, for £12.50 on a 30 months contract.

Check out all their phones, here: VOXI Phones and Data Plans.

Sim only plans

VOXI offers 4 different Sim only options. They all come with endless text and data. The cheapest starts for £10 and which includes 15GB of data. With this plan you get endless social media but not the endless video. Next plan is the £12 plan which includes 12GB of data. With this plan, you will get endless social media and endless video.

Check out all their plans, here: VOXI Sim Only Plans.

Endless Social Media and Video

On most VOXI data plan, you can have endless use of social media and video. You can use unlimited social media without using any of your data. For instance, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Or you can watch unlimited amount of videos including YouTube, Tik Tok and NETFLIX without using any of your data. With their cheapest plan, £10 plan, you only get endless social media and not video.

EU Roaming

With a VOXI data plan, you can call, text and use data in 47 European countries without any extra charge. However, there is a 20GB fair usage policy.

Keep your number

With VOXI, you are able to keep your existing mobile number. You can do this in your VOXI account. Go to the ‘transfer number’ section in your account.

Endless flexibility

With VOXI, you are not on a contract. You can cancel, pause or change your plan any time.

Personal hotspot

You can use your data for a personal hotspot so that you can share your data; such as, with your tablet or laptop.

Low cost international calls

VOXI enables you to make internationals from 1.5p a minute. Or, as an option, you can choose to have 100 international minutes extra to call 100 countries from the UK.

VOXI Customer service

You can contact VOXI customer service, here: VOXI Customer Service.

VOXI Customer ratings

On Trustpilot, customers give VOXI 4.1 Stars out of 5 Stars, which is ‘Great’.


VOXI gives competitive prices with quality which their customers are very happy with, as shown on Trustpilot.

And, if you like your social media and video such as Facebook, YouTube and NETFLIX, you can choose a plan which gives you endless usage without using any of your data.

VOXI Mobile Review – Is it any good?
Take a look at our ratings.

Our ratings

We give VOXI Mobile: 4.7/5


Go to VOXI Mobile: VOXI Mobile Site.

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