Millions To Receive £350 To Help With Energy Costs in UK

Date: 08/02/2022
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Government to give £350 to millions to help them with their energy costs in the UK

Millions of households in the UK will be given assistance of £350 to help them with paying towards their energy costs. This is because energy prices have risen and will rise again from April 2020, and it will leave millions of households struggling with paying for their gas and electricity.

Due to the rise in the Energy Cap, there will be an average increase of £693 per year for gas and electricity for millions of household in the UK.

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, announced this on 03/02/2022, to help people towards their energy costs. The UK Government are trying to support people facing energy friction (Energy friction, is the new term for fuel poverty).

The Chancellor, announced a £9.1 Billion, energy rebate to help families struggling with their energy bills.

From October, 2022, all domestic customers will get £200 off their energy bills.

Energy companies will apply an upfront discount of £200 from the bills of around 28 million households.

From April 2022, 80% of households will receive a £150 Council Tax rebate. This rebate should go towards their energy bills.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said, “We are delivering a new package of targeted support to help with the financial pressures felt by families right across the country, with additional help for those most in need.”

In addition to energy prices rising, there is also a rise in the cost of living, thus effecting millions of families as they struggle with their expenses and budget.


Energy prices continue to rise, affecting millions of households. The energy companies are saying that they do not have any control over the price increase as the cost of wholesale energy is rising.

It is going to be hard for millions of households to pay for their energy. And, no doubt, many will go without sufficiently heating their homes.

The government is doing something about it, but they need to do much more.

Government benefits that are available for some people

There are more government benefits that are available for some people, depending on what unemployment benefit they are claiming.

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