How to Reduce Energy Bills

How to reduce energy bill

Look for cheaper energy tariffs and deals

You can shop around and look for cheaper energy prices and tariffs by going to comparison sites and comparing energy deals. Or even go to energy suppliers website and check out their prices and deals.


Comparing and finding a cheaper energy supplier could save you hundreds of pounds a year. Switching is really easy and it does not disrupt your energy supply. You will not notice any difference to your supply as all the work is carried out by the suppliers behind the scene.

Turn down your heating

If you turn down your heating a few notch you will not notice much difference but it will save you money on your yearly energy bill. This is a good way on how to reduce energy bills.

Install a thermostat

If you have not got a thermostat and you install a new thermostat it will automatically adjust your heating so you don’t waste money on keeping your property overheated. You can install smart heating controls so you can adjust and turn down/off heating in rooms you are not using.

New boiler

If your boiler is really old it might be worthwhile replacing it to a new energy efficient boiler. Energy efficient boilers could save you up to 30% on your energy bill. And, by being energy efficient you are helping the environment as well as saving money.

Turn off appliances when not in use

Turn off any appliances when not in use. Even if you have appliances on standby such as your TV, you are still using and wasting energy which you do not need to do. Unless your TV was on standby to do recording, there is no point in leaving it on standby. Especially, if it’s not going to be used for a long while such as when you are at work.

Saving on energy bills

Buy energy efficient appliances

When you buy appliances such as microwave, washing machines, cooker and fridges, make sure they are energy efficient.

Change to energy efficient bulbs

Change all your bulbs to energy efficient bulbs. They will save you money in the long run. If you use a lot of bulbs for lighting then it’s worth it.

Home insulation

The walls of your property is probably already insulated, if not get them insulated as it will save you lots of money by helping to keep your property energy efficient.

You should also insulate the roof to keep your heat from escaping. Most likely your property has already had this done, but if not then you should get it done.

Government Green Home Grant (up to £5000 towards your cost of home energy improvements)

saving on energy bills

The Government Green Home Grant is to make energy improvement to your home such as carrying cavity wall insulation and roof insulation as well as other forms of energy improvements to your home.

The government will give you up £5 000 towards the cost of your energy home improvements and the maximum of £10 000 if you are on certain benefits.

For more information check out Gov.UK here: Green Home Grant.

Reduce draft coming into your home

Where ever you can try to reduce the draft coming into your home such as doors by reducing the gaps. There are lots of door insulations available, look in a hardware store or on Amazon.

If you have not got double glazed windows you should get them done as it will keep your property warmer for cheaper. You can also buy foam to put on windows to reduce the draft coming in.

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