EE Mobile – Is it the best network and value?

EE claim to offer the fastest connections in the UK. EE says it provides unbeatable network for gaming. So if you are a heavy data user or need a reliable connection, then EE might be a good choice for you.

We take a look at EE’s SIM only deals, Pay monthly phone contracts, Pay as you go SIM, network coverage, prices and customer service to see if they are the best network and value.

If you would like to go to the EE site you can go, here: EE.Co.UK Site.


  • Pay Monthly SIM Only
  • Pay Monthly Phone Contracts
  • Good As New Phones
  • Pay as you go SIM
  • Pay as you go phones
  • Network Coverage
  • Customer Rating
  • Conclusion

1. Pay Monthly SIM Only

EE provides pay monthly SIM only deals with a variety of contract lengths; these are 24 months, 12 months and 1 month. Let’s take a look at their prices and value.

Here are the lowest prices for the 24 months, 12 months and 1 month contract.

Get DealNetworkContractMonthlyDataMins and Text
Get DealEE24 months£141GBUnlimited
Get DealEE12 months£13250MBUnlimited
Get DealEE1 month£18250MBUnlimited

EE is an excellent Network for data and calls and their charges reflect this. Their steepest charge being £18 for 250MB of data on a month’s contract.

Here are the highest prices for the 24 months, 12 months and 1 month contract.

Get DealNetworkContractMonthlyDataMins and Text
Get DealEE24 months£41UnlimitedUnlimited
Get DealEE12 months£37UnlimitedUnlimited
Get DealEE1 month£34100GBUnlimited

You can get Unlimited data on a 24 months plan for £41, that comes with 3 smart benefits, such as Netflix, Apple TV and Apple Music. Or you can get Unlimited data for £37 on a 12 months plan with no smart benefits.

£37 for Unlimited data on the EE Network seems a good value, as it is similar to what you would find elsewhere for similar quality. Here are some examples: Giffgaff is £35 for Unlimited data and also VOXI is also £35 for Unlimited data.

Here are some recommended plans for EE

Get DealNetworkContractMonthlyDataMins and Text
Get DealEE24 months£20160GBUnlimited

For £20, you get a 160GB of data and Unlimited calls and texts. This plan is a recommendation from EE.

2. Pay Monthly Phone Contracts

Pay monthly phones

EE Mobile has a selection of phones that you can purchase on a monthly contract, mainly Apple and Samsung.

Here are a section of phones available on a monthly plan.

Get DealPhoneMonthlyDataMinutes / TextUp front cost
Get DealiPhone 12
Get DealSamsung S21 128GB£3710GBUnlimited£50
Get DealiPhone SE

Check out all their pay monthly phones, here: EE Pay Monthly Phones.

EE do all the latest phones from Apple, Samsung and Google. With the cost of data added they can be somewhat expensive.

EE does have a few cheaper phones such as the Oppo Find X3, but there is not enough choice in the lower price ranged mobile phones.

3. Good As New Phones

EE also do a range of ‘Good As New Phones’, that you can purchase. This might be a good option, if you want the EE Network and a decent phone but on a lower price.

Check out EE’s Good as New Phones, here: Good AS New Phones.

4. Pay as you go SIM

EE still does a Pay as you go SIM, although some networks have done away with it. You can get a free PAYG SIM from EE, that you can order, And, then load it up with data when you have received it. Or You can get a Pay as you go SIM loaded with a data Pack.

Any unused data will get rolled over to the next month. You can also do WiFi Calling with your Pay as you go SIM.

Here are some prices for Packs.

£10 Pack£20 Pack£30 Pack
Unlimited textsUnlimited textUnlimited text
500 minsUnlimited minsUnlimited mins
30 days
No contract
30 days
No contract
30 days
No contract
Get dealGet dealGet deal

5. Pay as you go phones

EE has Pay as you go phones that you can purchase, if you need a phone to go with your Pay as you go SIM card.

A minimum of £10 Top up is required when you purchase a Pay as you go phone.

Get EE Pay as you go phone, here: Pay as you go phones.

6. Network Coverage

EE mobile covers 99% of the UK population and 90% of cities, towns and rural areas in the UK. Check EE coverage, here: EE Mobile Coverage Checker.

7. Customer Rating

EE customer rating from Trustpilot is 2.4 stars, out of 5 Stars, which is rated as ‘Poor’ .

EE seem to be lacking in their customer satisfaction rate. And, to be the best they have to improve from their 2.4 Star out of 5 Star rating from Trustpilot.


EE certain provides an excellent mobile service and has a strong Network coverage.

They are on the expensive side compared to the data and minutes you are getting. And, their customer satisfaction rate is not good.

However, if you want a strong network for heavy data usage, then EE is an excellent contender. If their prices were lower or they gave more data and minute for the money, thus giving a better value, then they could well be the best network provider.

Go to EE Mobile, here: EE Mobile Shop.

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