Government Support For Households

Support from the government

The government is providing support for households including the Cost of Living Payments, Help With Childcare and help with Energy Bills.


Cost of Living Payments

Household claiming certain benefits such as Universal Credit or Pension Credits and Tax Credits will receive support of £650 this year. This will be made in two payments that will be automatically put into claimants’ bank accounts.

This is to support households with the cost of living crisis that is affecting millions of people.

Household Support Fund

The government has allocated £1.5 Billion for the Household Support Fund to help people that are struggling in this economic climate.

Council Tax rebate has already been paid to millions of people to help them with their council tax payments. This was only available for households in the Council Tax Band A to D.

Information on support available

Get information on the support available from the government, here: Help For Households.

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With the cost of living crisis and people struggling with paying for essentials such as food and energy bills, it is good that the government is assisting with support. Although, much more needs to be done.

Let’s hope the government will continue to provide more support to people as needed. It is becoming difficult for people to buy essentials such as food shopping or pay for energy.

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