Review: Insurance2go – Gadget and Mobile Insurance

Here is a quick-read review for Insurance2go gadget and mobile insurance.

Here are the main features of Insurance2go.


Main features
* Get instant protection and unlimited claims.
* Full cover includes theft, damage, loss and more.
* Cover for new and refurbished devices.
* Personal and business polices available.
Get more information and apply, here: Insurance 2 go Insurance.

Overview of cover from Insurance2go

You can insure your gadget and mobile with Insurance2go. They are offering cover starting from £2.99 per month. In addition to personal cover, they also provide business cover for gadgets and mobiles.

You are able to buy a policy for your gadget, mobile, tablet or compute, online.

Main features of Business Gadget Insurance

  • Get up to 20% multi-gadget discount.
  • Unlimited claims.
  • Optional VIP replacement service.
  • Choose an excess that meets the needs of your business.

Making a claim

You can make a claim online using their claim portal. Go here to make a claim: Make a claim.

Customer rating

Gadget insurance

On Trustpilot, Insurance2go has been rated as 4.4 Stars from 5 Stars by customers, which is rated as ‘Excellent’.

Go to website and get insurance, here: Insurance2go website.

More Gadget and Phone Insurance Providers

Here are few more companies that provide insurance for gadgets and mobiles, that we have selected.

Protect Your Bubble

Main features
* Unlimited repairs.
* Discounts for students.
* Get worldwide cover for theft, damage and mechanical breakdown.
* 2 theft/loss claim per year per gadget.
* Insurance available for gadgets and mobile phones.
* Able to submit claims online.
Go to website, here: Protect Your Bubble Insurance.

Gadget Cover

Main features
* Theft, accidental damage and liquid damage cover.
* Worldwide cover.
* Family cover – your insurance cover for your device is extended to your immediate family and partner.
* Personal and business polices available.
Get more information and apply, here: Gadget Cover Insurance.

Loveit Coverit

Features and benefits
* Unlimited claims and repairs.
* UK-based customer service team.
* Policies tailored for your needs.
* No minimum contract.
Get more information and apply, here: Love It Cover It Insurance.

Is Gadget and Mobile Insurance Worth It?

Having a gadget and phone insurance protects your gadget and mobile phone from theft and accidental damage. Gadgets and mobile phones are expensive items, and having it stolen or accidentally damaging, can be costly. Sometimes, we might not have the money to replace it straight away.

Barclays mobile phone insurance

You might be able to buy another cheaper mobile if you wanted to, but if you needed a specific mobile or gadget for work or personal use, then it might be a problem. Therefore, having a gadget and mobile insurance would enable your stolen or damaged item to be replaced or fixed. In addition, having insurance will give you peace of mind.

Which Gadget and Mobile Insurance Is the Best?

When you buy a gadget or mobile insurance from a company, you have to look at what they are offering and the price they are charging and see if it is right for you. There might not be a particular company meets every aspect of your needs, so you should see which company and insurance is the best for you.

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