Best Unlimited Data Plans – Cheap Unlimited SIM Only UK

There are a variety of Unlimited data plans available with varying prices.

Cheap Unlimited SIM Only Plans

Here are the cheapest Unlimited monthly SIM only plans on our list.

ProviderPriceCalls, Text, DataContract
ID Mobile£16.00Unlimited24 months
Virgin Mobile£18Unlimited24 months
SMARTY£20.00Unlimited1 month
Three£20.00Unlimited12 months

ID Mobile, SMARTY and Three, are the cheapest providers of Unlimited SIM Only deals. ID Mobile is the cheapest at £16.00, but it’s on a 24 months contract.

SMARTY and Three are both at £20.00. However, SMARTY is on a 1 months contract, and Three is on a 12 months contract.

Next Cheapest Unlimited SIM Only Plans

ProviderPriceCalls, Text, DataContract
Tesco Mobile£25.00Unlimited24 months
Vodafone £26.00Unlimited24 months

The next cheapest on our list are Tesco Mobile at £25 and Vodafone at £26.00 per month and both on a 24 months contract.

Best Of Remainders On Our List

ProviderPriceCalls, Text, DataContract
O2 Mobile £30.00Unlimited24 months
Giffgaff£35.00UnlimitedNo contract
VOXI Mobile£35.00UnlimitedNo contract
EE Mobile£35.00Unlimited24 months

O2 Mobile offers Unlimited data for £30.00 on a 24 months contract. And, the most expensive on the list is Giffgaff, VOXI Mobile and EE Mobile. They are all at £35.00 per month.

However, EE Mobile is on a 24 months contract, whilst both Giffgaff and VOXI Mobile do not hold you to a contract.

How To Choose The Wright Plan And Network

To choose the wright plan and mobile network provider would depend on a number of things.

  • Cost of plan
  • The length of contract
  • Contract or contract free
  • Do you want a provider with its own mobile network infrastructure or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator
  • Quality of customer service

Cost Of Plan

You would need to decided how much you would want to pay when choosing an Unlimited SIM Only Plan. Would you like the cheapest price available such as ID Mobile, Unlimited Plan, at £16.00 on a 24 months contract.

There is the mid-priced, Vodafone, Unlimited plan, for £26.00, on a 24 months contract.

Or would like like the expensive option in our feature, like the EE Mobile, Unlimited plan, for £35.00 on a 24 months contract.

Contract Or No Contract

Would you like a Unlimited SIM only on a contract or do you prefer not to have a contract so you can cancel anytime you want.

The Giffgaff, Unlimited data for £35.00 a month does not have a contract.

And, also the VOXI Mobile, Endless data for £35.00, does not have a contract.

Provider With Its Own Mobile Infrastructure Or A Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Would you like a provider with its own mobile network infrastructure or would you like a Mobile Virtual Network Operator who uses another network to deliver its mobile service.


Here are links to the websites for the featured providers.

Best SIM Only Deals From Networks

Here are some best deals from networks, that you might like. They are not Unlimited, but there is a good price and data ratio. They all come with Unlimited calls and texts.

SMARTY£15.0050GB1 month
Three£16.00100GB24 months
EE Mobile£20.00120GB24 months
SKY Mobile£25.0050GB12 months

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