Is Changing Energy Supplier Easy

It is easy to change energy supplier. Thousands of people switch energy suppliers every year. When you switch energy suppliers, all the work is carried out by your new supplier, your energy supply will not stop anytime.

Is changing energy supplier easy

Here is how you can switch energy supplier

  1. Have a copy of your recent energy bill, if you have it. If you do not have your bill, you can still do it. But, having a copy of your recent bill will give you a more accurate information.
  2. Compare tariffs from different suppliers on their website or use a comparison site to get a quote.
  3. Once you have found a tariff you are happy with, complete the switching over process, online.
  4. Take your current reading from your meters and give it to your present supplier, so they bill your final bill accurately.
  5. Give the same reading to your new supplier, so they give you an accurate initial bill.
  6. All the necessary work will be done by your supplier, behind the scene. Your energy supply will not be interrupted.
  7. About 3 weeks later, your energy will be supplied by your new supplier.

Energy switch guarantee

The Energy Switch Guarantee scheme is a voluntary scheme which energy suppliers can enrol onto. By enrolling on the scheme, they have to carry out your switching within 3 weeks and without interruption to your energy supply.

As part of the scheme, if there are any problems with the switching, your new energy supplier has to quickly sort it out. This was introduced by Energy UK, to make switching energy supplier easier.

Is it worth switching energy suppliers?

It definitely is worth switching energy supplier for cheaper tariff, according to an article in the Independent, states the UK consumers overpay £18.7bn for energy bills. People could save up to £200 a year by switching to cheaper tariffs.

If you are on a Standard tariff with your energy supplier, then you are not getting a good deal and should switch to a cheaper tariff if you can.

Additional information

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