17 Work From Home Jobs – That You Can Do

Great Work From Home Jobs

If you want to work from home, here are 17 great work from home jobs that you can do.

Work from home jobs

1. Online Tutor

If you have a degree or an A Level in a subject, you can teach online from home. There are lots of companies who are recruiting people to teach children online, especially people who can teach Mathematics, English and Science.

You do not have to be a qualified teacher, as they will train you to deliver the tuition to their requirements. They will also teach you all the software you need to be able to deliver lessons online.

Search on the internet for online Maths, English or Science jobs. You will get results for companies in your local area and nationally. Or search ‘online teaching jobs’.

2. Virtual Assistant (Administrator)

Are you good at administration and doing work on the computer? You could work as a virtual assistant (administrator). Lots of administrative work do not require you to be at the employer’s location. You can do administrative work for companies or individuals from home.

Virtual administration work is growing and it’s a really good option. You can enrol with online companies like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer and People Per Hour and offer your services as a virtual assistant.

3. Freelancer

There are lots of skills that people require which you can do for them as a freelance. Do you have photo editing or video editing skills? Can you write articles and blogs? Are you good are composing music, making animations or copy writing? Are you good at graphic designs? You can freelance for many more things which people require.

If you have any skills which people require, you can work as a freelancer on online companies like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer and People Per Hour.

You will be able to take on projects for people and work from home.

Work from home jobs

4. Telesales

If you have good customer service skills and good telephone manners, you can work in Telesales jobs from home. Working in telesales, you will be promoting and selling products and services to customers. You might be calling potential leads or existing customers to sell products or upgrades.

If you would like to work in telesales, search on the internet for ‘telesales jobs from home’.

5. Surveys from home jobs

You can work for companies, carrying out surveys from home. It will involve lots of calling or emailing.

This job is probably more for temporary situations and not as a permanent option. And, check how much the company is paying before taking on the position.

6. Virtual Receptionist

This is another telephone based job you can do from home. Some businesses need people to answer calls from customers during the day, evenings and nights. To do this job, you must have good customer service and organisational skills.

You might have to answer up to a few hundred calls a day and must pick up the phone on a specific number of rings. These jobs offer good pay, so if this interests you search online for ‘virtual receptionist jobs’.

Work from home jobs

7. Social Media Manager

If you are good at social medial, then you can work from home as a social media manager. You can manage companies’/individual’s social media and their campaigns.

You could work as self-employed on online sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer and People Per Hour. Or you can market yourself to businesses and individuals, such as local businesses. Make some leaflets and business cards and hand them out. Prices you charge would vary, do research on the internet and see how much people are charging in your area or country.

Or you can be employed by companies and work remotely. There are lots of training available, including free courses on the internet on social media. Check out the free courses on sites like Udemy.com and Alison.com. Udemy has paid and free courses. On Alison, they offer courses for free. You pay, if you want the certificate printed at the end of the course.

8. Digital Marketing

If you are good at digital marketing, you can work from home in digital marketing. You can get really good pay working in digital marketing. If you would like to learn, you can become an expert and be certified by Google for free, on Google Digital Garage, here: Google Digital Garage.

9. Data Inputting / Typing

If you are good at typing, then there are remote data inputting / typing jobs you can do from home.

A lot of these jobs involve inputting numbers and text to a large volume, so you have to be accurate in data inputting and typing.

10. Copywriter

If you are a creative writer why not consider copywriting. Can you come up with a catchy phrase or able to persuade through writing; if you can then copywriting might be for you.

You get copywriting jobs in sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Solidgigs, ProBlogger and Freelancer.


11. Blogging

If you are passionate about a topic and able to write content for it, then you could start a blog and make money from it. Lots of people make money from blogging. It’s not as easy as it used to be, but many people are still making a living from it. Once, you start to make enough money, you can just work from home as a blogger.

Start learning about blogging and how to set up a blog. YouTube is a good place to start. Type in ‘blogging for beginners’, on the YouTube search, and there are lots of people showing you how to get started.

12. Childminder

If you like looking after and taking care of children. Why not consider becoming a childminder? You can set up your childminding business at home.

You will need to be qualified and become registered according to government regulations. It typically takes from 3 months to 12 months to become a qualified childminder. Search online to see where you can get qualified in childminding in your local area. For information on childminding, check out Ofsted: Ofsted childminding.

13. Freelance Journalist

If you are a good writer then you could consider freelance journalism. However, it can be difficult to get published, initially. You should pick you topic you want to write about and keep sending them off to relevant publications to see if you can get an article accepted. Build a portfolio and if you manage to get enough work, you can work from home writing articles.

Work from home

14. Home Business

If you have entrepreneurial skills then you could think about starting a business from home. Baking cakes, cooking food, jewellery making anything you think would sell.

15. Call Centre Customer Service

You could do call centre jobs working from home. This is another telephone based customer service job.

16. Sell from home

If you have a business mentality, then you could buy stock wholesale from suppliers and then sell them online. Decided what you would like to sell. How many items you would like to start off with, and then sell them online. You could build your own website or sell them through Amazon or Etsy.

17. Sell on Amazon and Etsy

You could sell good on Amazon around the world and on Etsy. There are lots of people making a living from this. Start off learning on YouTube. Search for ‘Selling on Amazon’ and ‘Selling on Etsy’.

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