Job Interview Anxiety – Tips And Advice That Will Help With Interview Anxiety

How To Deal With Job Interview Anxiety

Everybody gets anxiety when they are going for job interviews.

Job interview

If you find yourself getting too anxious, here are some great tips and advice that will help you.

1. Build Confident By Having Pre-Prepared Answers

If you get nervous at interviews and find it difficult to give good answers because of your nerves, then have your answers pre-prepared and ready. This way you will not feel as anxious, because you know you will be able to give answers to questions when you are asked.

This is not as hard to do as it sounds. What ever job you are going for an interview for has common questions which are asked. For instance, if you were going for a retail position you might be asked ‘give an example of when you delivered excellent customer service’, or ‘give an example when you had to work effectively in a team’.

If you are going for an administrator position, you might be asked ‘what experience do you have as an administrator’.

Write down up to 8 common questions from your profession. You might have been asked questions in past interviews, which you can use.

Once you have written them down, construct good answers. And, then memorise the answers. This way, you will not feel as nervous about the interview, as you know you will be able to give good answers.

2. Look At The Positives And Negatives Of The Job

You need to look at the job you are going for with objectivity and put it into prospective. If you look at the job you are going to be interviewed for as the best thing you are able to get, then that is going to make you anxious and nervous. And, this will affect you when at the interview.

If we really want something and are desperate for something, it affects our nerves and will make us nervous. And, we are more likely to go blank when giving answers at interviews. We need to look at the negatives of the job to put it into prospect. For example, you could say, the job is really well paid, but, it will take a lot of your time travelling the distance. Or it does not have much progression.

Think of all the negatives of the job and the negatives of being employed. This will help to put the job into prospective and make you less nervous about the interview.

Job Interview

3. Think Positive About Giving A Good Interview

Think positive to yourself and think to yourself you are going to do well at the interview. Thinking positive thoughts, calms us down and makes us less stressed. Just imagine, giving good answers and impressing the interviewers.

4. Practise And Record The Questions And Listen Back To The Recording

Get some interview questions and if you can, get somebody to ask them to you and record your answers. If there is nobody to do that, ask the questions yourself. When you have recorded it, listen back and see where improvements can be made. Then do the questions, again another time, and listen back.

Listen to your tone and the speed your are talking. Are you talking too fast? Are you stuttering?

By practising questions, you will improve your answers. And, when you know you are giving good answers, your confidence will increase, thus you will be less anxious at the interview.

5. Think The Decision For You To Get The Job Is Not In Your Hands

Remember, the decision, whether you get the job or not, is out of your hands. Sometimes, it’s regardless of how well you do at the interview. Even, if you were the best person they interviewed, you still might not get the job.

The job might have already been allocated to somebody at the company, and the company has just advertised it and going through the motion, just for the legal stuff.

So, it’s not worth stressing about, as ultimately we don’t have any control over the decision on who is offered the job. Just, prepare well, go for the job interview and do your best. That is all we can all do.

Job interview

6. Go To The Interview Location Early And Go For A Coffee/Drink Nearly, Relax And Prepare

Go to the interview location early. Not to the building itself where the interview is being held, you don’t want to go early there. But, to the place or town. Get there about an hour earlier, if you can. When you get there, find a place nearby where you can sit down and have a coffee or tea or drink.

Relax for a while have a drink and do some preparation and practice. This will be more relaxing than just turning up at the interview, a few moments before.

Job interview

7. Have A Bottle Or Glass of Water AT The Interview

When you are at the interview, have some water with you. Whenever, you need to think for a moment or your mind goes blank, have a few sips of the water. This will help to calm you and gather your thoughts.

8. Talk To Yourself AT The Interview And Tell Your Self To Relax

When you are at the interview, keep talking to yourself and tell yourself to relax and not to stress. Listen to yourself when giving answers and see if you are talking too fast. If you are, tell yourself to talk slower. This will help to keep you relax and perform better at interviews.


We have looked at ways to help with anxiety when going for interviews. Hopefully, you will find some of our tips and advice useful.

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