VOXI Review: SIM Card Plans with Unlimited Social Media and Video

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VOXI Mobile
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Thinking of purchasing a VOXI SIM plan or a mobile contract? Find out what you need to know to help you decide and what’s on offer.

As an example, you can purchase 8GB of data, with unlimited calls and texts, unlimited use of social media without affecting your data, WiFi calling, 5G ready, EU roaming and you can cancel anytime for only £10.

Or you can get 12GB of data, with unlimited calls and texts, unlimited social media and endless video, WiFi calling, 5G ready, EU roaming and cancel anytime for only £12.


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What network does VOXI Mobile use?

VOXI is owned by Vodafone, so uses the Vodafone network and infrastructure for its mobile delivery. So, you get the same level of quality and coverage as Vodafone.

Before purchasing a VOXI contract, check the coverage in your area. To check coverage on the Vodafone network, go here: VOXI mobile coverage checker.

Unlimited social media and Endless videos

With VOXI SIM Only plan you get unlimited use of social media apps for free without affecting any of your data (in the UK).

And you can also get plans with unlimited use of social media and endless video streaming on apps such as Tik Tok, YouTube and NETFLIX (in the UK).

Sim Only Plans

VOXI provides you with simple Sim Only plans which are flexible, meaning you can cancel or pause or change your plan at any time.

They all come with endless minutes and texts. Apart from the 8GB for £10 plan, which only comes with unlimited social media, they also come with unlimited social media and endless video.

Which means you can use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and video apps like YouTube, NETFLIX and Tik Tok endlessly without using any of your data.

For the Social Media and Video plan, it starts at £12 for 12GB of data.

Or you can have the most expensive plan which is the Endless data plan for £35. All the plans are 5G ready.

Here are some SIM Only Plans offered by VOXI.

Get DealPriceDataMinutes and TextContract
Get Deal£1015GBUnlimitedNo contract
Get Deal£1530GBUnlimitedNo contract
Get Deal£2060GBUnlimitedNo contract
Get Deal£35UnlimitedUnlimitedNo contract

For the full list of plans, go here: VOXI SIM Only Plans.


VOXI enables you to purchase a mobile phone from them and then you can choose a data plan to go with it.

For example you can purchase the iPhone 12, 64GB for £24 on a 30 months’ contract. Or you can get the Samsung A32 5G, 64GB for £9.50 on a 30 months’ contract.

After you have chosen your phone, you can choose a data plan. Check out all the phones, here: VOXI Phones and Data Plans.

Want to keep your number

You are able to keep your existing number, if you want to, by going to the ‘transfer number’ section in your VOXI account.

EU Roaming

With VOXI mobile, you are able to roam using your data in 47 countries in Europe without any extra charge. There is a 20GB fair usage policy attached to this. Get more information, here: EU Roaming.

Personal hotspots

With VOXI you can use your data as a personal WiFi hotspot, so you can connect your laptop or tablet onto the internet.

Customer ratings

On Trustpilot, VOXI Mobile gets 4.1 Stars from customers, which is ‘Great’.


VOXI provides competitively priced data plans with unlimited social media and endless videos on a flexible plan.

You can cancel, pause or change your plan at any time. They also provide the latest phones for you to purchase with a data plan.

Their customers seem to be happy and scored them 4.1 Stars out of 5 Stars on Trustpilot.

Our ratings

We give VOXI Mobile: 3.7/5


Get VOXI Sim plans and phones, here: VOXI Sim Plans and Phones.

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