Metal Bank Cards – colour, price, features: Is it worth it?

Metal bank cards have now become fashionable and some people rather have a metal bank card instead of a plastic bank card. You will be paying an extra fee to have a metal bank card. We look at some metal bank cards available in the UK, compare them and reveal the differences.

Metal bank cards

Here are the best metal bank cards available in the UK.

Monzo Metal Card

The Monzo Metal card comes with the Monzo Premium account. It is a white card made of platinum and weighs 16g. That is about 3 times more than a plastic card.

Revolut Metal Card

The Revolut metal card comes in a variety of colours including pink, grey, gold, space grey and black. It weighs 18g and is made from stainless steel.

Curve Metal Card

The Curve metal card comes in a number of colours: red, blue and pink. It weighs 18g and is made from brushed stainless steel.


These are the monthly fees for Monzo, Revolut and Curve metal bank cards.

Metal CardMonthly feeGet deal
Monzo£15.00Get deal
Revolut£12.99Get deal
Curve£14.99Get deal


Here are some features compared between Monzo, Revolut and Curve metal cards.

Cash back on card paymentsYes – for the initial 30 days. Conditions applyYes – 0.1% cash back on payments in EuropeYes – cash back on everyday shopping
InterestYesInterest paid on saving vaults No
Free phone insuranceYesNoYes
Free travel insurance YesYesYes
Make investmentsYesYesNo
Get dealGet dealGet deal


Here are some round up of features for Monzo, Revolut and Curve metal cards.

Monzo metal card features round up

The Monzo metal card comes with the Monzo Premium Account. It is a personal account and there is a monthly fee of £15. Monzo is an app based bank and it is FSCS protected.

As part of the benefit, you get a worldwide phone insurance and worldwide family travel insurance.

With Monzo you can get interest of 1.50% / 1.49% AER Gross variable on up to £2000.

You can add all your bank accounts and credit cards to Monzo. You will be able to see all your bank and credit card transactions and balances in the Monzo app. You can also move your money around with easy bank transfer (terms and conditions apply).

If you are going abroad, then you can get £600 fee-free withdrawal.

If you want to save your change when you pay for your shopping, they have advanced round ups for you to do that.

Get your Monzo metal card, here: Monzo Metal Card.

Revolut metal card features round up

The Revolut metal card cost £12.99 per month and comes in a variety of colours.

When you are shopping you can get cashback as well as payment protection. You can also get up to 0.7% AER interest on your savings.

With the Revolut metal card, you can also invest in Cryto currencies or commodities,

You can also do national and international transfers. And with withdraw up to £800 free on international ATM withdrawals. You also get a free EU IBAN account.

Get your Revolut metal card, here: Revolut Metal Card.

Curve metal card features round up

Curve is not a bank but a card wallet. With Curve, you can store all your credit and debit cards in the Curve wallet. You download the Curve app on your phone or smart watch and and store all your cards in the app.

Curve will then send you a metal card, and you can choose the credit or debit card you would like to use from your app. Then, when you use your Curve metal card, you will spend from the card you have chosen in your app.

This means if you have lots of credit and debit cards, you will not have to carry them all with you. You can just carry your Curve metal card with you instead.

If you are travelling and using the Curve card to pay, there is 0% exchange rate fee.

There is also a fee free ATM withdrawal available with your Curve card.

Get your Curve metal card, here: Curve Metal Card.

Is it worth it?

If you want a metal card then you have to pay a monthly fee. With Revolut there is also a free and cheaper accounts available that comes with a plastic card.

With Monzo, there is also a free account and a cheaper account available. With the Curve, there is no free account available.

However, it’s not just a metal card you get for the extra money you pay. You also get extra features such as free mobile insurance and free travel insurance. You also get cashback on your shopping on some of the cards.

So, is it worth it? It is if you need the additional features and want a metal card.


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