Nationwide Mobile Phone Insurance Review: Family’s Phones Protected

Nationwide’s FlexPlus Mobile Insurance gives up to £2, 000 to protect the whole family’s mobile phones.

Nationwide mobile phone insurance


  • FlexPlus Mobile Phone Insurance
  • What Is Included With The Insurance
  • What Is Not Included
  • When does your cover start
  • Excess Charge
  • When Does Your Insurance Start
  • More Information Including How To Make A Claim
  • How To Get The FlexPlus Mobile Phone Insurance
  • Alternatives


With the Nationwide’s FlexPlus account, have all the family’s mobile phone protected as well as yours.

Nationwide pays up to £2, 000 to protect your and your family’s mobile phones. Is this the best phone insurance? However, you do have to pay some excess charge for a successful claim. And also you have to be a FlexPlus account holder.

What is included with the insurance

  • Get up to £2, 000 (including VAT) insurance for mobile phones owed by you or a family member.
  • You are insured worldwide if your phone is lost, gets stolen, gets damaged or breaks down (including faults).
  • Claim network charges if somebody has used your phone without your permission (limits apply).
  • Your accessories are also insured, if they get lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your phone. There are limits that apply.
  • There are a maximums of 4 claims allowed per FlexPlus account in a 12-month period.

What is not included

Exclusions apply. Check the policy. Here are the main exclusions.

  • Any incidents where you have not taken care of your phone. You need to check the policy document for the complete detail.
  • Any unauthorised network charge is only for 24 hours, after you have discovered the incident.
  • They will not cover the cost for packaging and posting your phone when sending for repair.


You will need to pay an excess charge for each claim. If your phone is lost or stolen, then the charges are: £125 or Apple or £100 for any mobile apart from Apple. If your phone breaks or gets damaged, the charges are: £75 for Apple and £50 for any mobile that is not Apple.

When does you insurance start

As soon as your FlexPlus account is open, your insurance starts from that point.

More information including how to make a claim

For more information, including how to make a claim, go here: FlexPlus Claim.

How to get the FlexPlus mobile phone insurance

You get this mobile phone insurance included with a Nationwide FlexPlus account. You cannot buy this insurance separately. If you are getting a new bank account, take a look at Nationwide FlexPlus and get this included.

Nationwide mobile insurance


If you don’t have a FlexPlus account, here are some great alternatives for mobile and gadget insurance.

1. Protect Your Bubble

Main features
* Unlimited repairs.
* Discounts for students.
* Get worldwide cover for theft, damage and mechanical breakdown.
* 2 theft/loss claim per year per gadget.
* Insurance available for gadgets and mobile phones.
* Able to submit claims online.
Go to website, here: Protect Your Bubble Insurance.

2. Gadget Cover

Main features
* Theft, accidental damage and liquid damage cover.
* Worldwide cover.
* Family cover – your insurance cover for your device is extended to our immediate family and partner.
* E Wallet cover – If your gadget is stolen, they will cover any authorised transactions up to the value of £500.
* Personal and business polices available.
Get more information and apply, here: Gadget Cover Insurance.

3. Loveit Coverit

Features and benefits
* Unlimited claims and repairs.
* UK-based customer service team.
* Policies tailored for your needs.
* No minimum contract.
Get more information and apply, here: Love It Cover It Insurance.

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