1pmobile review – Is it any good?

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Thinking of purchasing a 1pmobile SIM only plan? Find out what you need to know to help you decide. And, find out what deals 1pmobile has on offer.

  • Pay as you go with one simple tariff
  • What network does 1pmobile use?
  • Pay as you go
  • Joining 1pmobile
  • Pricing
  • 1 year SIM deals – 2 options
  • Boost
  • Keep your number
  • Personal hotspot
  • Roaming
  • Customer ratings
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Pay as you go with one simple tariff

1pmobile, has one simple Pay as you go tariff where you pay 1p a minute, 1p a text and 1p for 1MB of data. Is it as simple as that?

Because it is Pay as you go, there is no Contract, so you can stop or cancel anytime.

Joining 1pmobile

To join and get a SIM card from 1pmobile, you need to initially load up your SIM card with £10.

What network does 1pmobile use?

1pmobile is Mobile Virtual Network Operator, and uses the EE network for its mobile delivery.

As 1pmobile uses the EE network you should get the same quality of converge as EE. EE covers 99% of the UK population and 90% of the UK land mass. To check coverage, go here: Coverage checker.

Pay as you go

With 1pmobile you will pay 1p for a minute of call, 1p for a text and 1p for 1MB of data. It claims to have the UK’s lowest rate for calls, text and data.


Here are 1pmobiles’s prices for calling, texting and using data.

Get dealUK landlines and mobiles1p a minute
Get dealTexts to UK numbers1p a text
Get dealData1p a MB
More rates (Int. premium etc.)View tariff

Calls to UK landlines and mobiles
1p to call any standard landline or mobile in the UK is very cheap. Especially for a Pay as you go.

Text to UK numbers
Paying 1p for a text to UK numbers on a Pay as you go is really good value.

1p for a MB of data, can work expensive, if you use a lot of data.
100MB = £1
250MB = £2.50
500MB = £5
1GB = £10

If you were going to use 500MB or 1GB of data on a monthly basis, then look at the options they offer.

1 year SIM deals – 2 options

1pmobile has two 1 year options, whereby you pay for the whole year. You do not have to top up again for a year.

Here are the two options.

Get dealFlexi 1-year SIM£30 to use
over 365 days –
No contract
1p a minute
1p a text
1p a MB
Get dealTalker 1-year SIM£36 for 365 days –
No contract
Unlimited calls
Unlimited texts –
100MB of data
per month


If you need more 1pmobile have a collection of boost you can add that lasts for 30 days.

Unlimited calls and text for £3
2GB of data for £6
10GB of data for £10
50GB of data for £15

You can check out all the plans and products they have to offer, here: 1pmobile Website.

Keep your number

1pmobile enables you to keep your existing number by completing their online form. Get more information, here: Keep my number.

Personal hotspot

1pmobile do allow you to share your data with additional devices. Get more information, here: Additional information.


The 1p rate for minutes, texts and data also applies for 46 European countries. Find out the countries, here: 46 European countries.

Customer service

You can contact 1pmobile customer service on: 03333 442278

(From 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.)

Customer ratings

On Trustpilot, customers give 1pmobile 4.6 Stars out of 5 Stars, which is ‘Excellent’.


1pmobile gives you simple Pay as you go plans for 1p a minute, 1p a text and 1p a MB of data.

You can use these rates in 46 European countries.

Their customers are very happy and have rated them 4.6 Stars out of 5 Stars on Trustpilot, which is excellent.

1pmobile Review – Is it any good?
Take a look at our ratings.

Our ratings

We give Lycamobile: 3.7/5

Go to 1pmobile: 1pmobile Site.

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