O2 Mobile Review – £12 SIM card, Priority Tickets at O2 Venues: Is it any good?

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O2 Mobile
4.3 / 5

Before you buy a O2 Mobile pay monthly phone or a SIM only plan, take a look at our comprehensive review.

Find out what you need to know to help you decide. Here is the list of the content:

  • Pay monthly SIM
  • Pay monthly phones
  • Pay as you go
  • Buy a Pay as you go phone and Pay as you go Pack
  • Top up
  • Keep my number
  • SIM swap
  • O2 Network coverage checker
  • O2 Customer service number
  • Priority Tickets at O2 Academy Venues
  • Customer rating
  • Conclusion
  • Our ratings

Pay monthly SIM

O2 Mobile offers flexible contract lengths for their pay monthly SIMS. These are 24 months, 12 months and 30 Days. Their cheapest plan starts at £10, for 6GB of data and Unlimited minutes and text.

Here is a some selection of Pay monthly SIM deals from O2.

Get DealPriceDataMinutes and TextContract
Get Deal£126GBUnlimited24 months
Get Deal£1525GBUnlimited24 months
Get Deal£32UnlimitedUnlimited12 months

Check all the BT SIM only deals, here: Pay monthly plans.

Pay monthly phones

With O2 Mobile, you can get the latest selection of phones on a monthly contract. They also have Refurbished phones you can purchase. They have plans for up to 36 months.

Once you have chosen your phone, you can select a pre-built plan or customise your own plan.

When you have paid off your phone. Your monthly payments will automatically be lowered to reflect this.

Here are a section of phones available on a monthly plan on O2.

Get DealPhoneMonthlyDataMinutes / TextUp front cost
Get DealiPhone 12
Get DealSamsung S21 128GB£48.9830GBUnlimited£30
Get DealiPhone SE

Check out all their pay monthly phones, here: O2 Pay Monthly Phones.

Pay as you go

With O2 Pay as you go, you can get can get cash back when you top up with O2 Rewards. You also get access to Priority, but without having a contract.

The cheapest plan starts at £10 for 10GB, with Unlimited minutes and text. Check out all the Pay as you go Packs and order a SIM card, here: Pay as you go.

Top up

There are a few ways you can top up your Pay as you go Sim, these are:
1) Auto top up.
2) Web top up.
3) Data top up.
For more information on O2 top up, go here: O2 Top UP.

Keep my number

You can keep your number with O2 Mobile. You will need your PAC code. Get more information, here: Keep my number.

O2 Network coverage checker

O2 mobile covers 99% of the UK population in the UK. However, coverage might differ in locations, so before taking out a O2 Mobile contract, it is a good idea to check the coverage in your area. Check O2 coverage, here: O2 Network Coverage Checker.

O2 Customer service number

The customer service number for O2 is 0344 809 0202.

Priority Tickets at O2 Academy Venues

With O2 Mobile, they give you priority tickets at O2 Academy Venues.

Customer rating

O2 customer rating from Trustpilot is 1.4 Stars, out of 5 Stars, which is rated as ‘Bad’.


O2 offers a good choice of pay monthly SIM only contracts, pay monthly phones and Pay as you go.

Their customer service is rated as ‘Bad’ on Trustpilot, with many of their customers not at all happy with them.

However as their monthly contract goes, they do offer flexible contracts lengths.

You can also buy a Pay as you go phone as well as a Pay as you go Pack.

Our ratings

We give O2 Mobile: 4.3/5

O2 Shop

Go to O2 Mobile Shop here: O2 Mobile Shop.

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