Practical Ways To Save Money On Energy Bills

We look at some practical ways you can save on your energy bills.

how to save on energy bills

With the price of energy constantly rising and millions of household being affected by fuel poverty, there is a need to use energy but also to reduce the costs.

How To Save Money On Energy Bills

Here are some practical tips you can do that will help you keep warm, do your cooking, use gas and electricity but also reduce your energy bills.

1. Heat Specific Rooms

If you have rooms that are unoccupied or you don’t need to heat up the whole property, you can vastly reduce your energy bill and keep warm by heating specific rooms only.

During the day, choose a room or few rooms as possible where you spend most of your time for instance the living room or bedroom. Then just heat that room only, as you are not using the whole of the property.

So, if you have 4 rooms in your property and you only heat a specific room where you will be mostly spending your time, then you will be using a quarter of the energy you would otherwise use by heating the whole property.

If there are less occupants during the day time as people are out, then that’s a good time to do this in particular.

Then if the property becomes more occupied during the afternoon or evening, you can heat the additional rooms as needed.

If you are heating a single room or two, then an electric heater might be easier to use for that purpose rather than central heating.

2. Turn Down Your Heating

If you turn down your central heating by a few degrees or your electric heater by a few notch, then you will hardly notice the difference, but it will save you money.

3. Install A Thermostat or Buy Electric Heaters With A Thermostat

If you do not have a thermostat fitted to your central heating system, then see if you can get it installed. A thermostat will automatically turn off your heating when it has reached the required temperature in your property.

If you get electric heaters, then get a model that has a thermostat built in. This will save on your energy costs.

Saving money on energy

4. Cook In Large Quantities

When you cook, see if you can cook in large quantities that will last you for a few days. This will save on energy usage, rather than cooking more often.

You will also save money on ingredients as you will waste less. And, if you have food ready to eat in the house, then it might reduce you spending money on take-outs or popping in to the supermarket to buy meals.

5. Reduce Draft Coming Into Your Home

Where ever you can, try to reduce the draft coming into your home, such as doors by reducing the gaps. There are lots of door insulations available, look in a hardware store or on Amazon. If you do not have double glazing windows, you should get them done as it will keep your property warmer for cheaper.

If you do not have double glazing, see if you can put see through plastic seal over some of the windows that do not need opening, during the winter season.

See where in your property, you can reduce draft coming in to your property.

Save money on energy

6. Don’t Leave Electrical Appliances On Standby

Don’t leave any electrical appliances on standby such as your computer, TV or entertainment system, if you are not using it.

Leaving appliances on standby uses electricity and costs you money. You can easily turn them on when you want to use it.

7. Turn Off The Lights And Do Not Use Too Much Lighting

Don’t forget to turn the lights off the rooms and areas in your property that you are not using. You can turn the lights on when you need it. You are using energy unnecessarily and it’s costing you money.

When it’s possible, don’t use too much lighting, such as to create ambiance for rooms. If you are in the living room, see there is not too many lamps turned on, as it costs you money.

Saving money on energy

8. Use Less Hot Water

When it’s possible, use less hot water. Do your washing up at lower temperatures and half your shower time.

9. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

When you buy a new appliance, make sure to buy energy efficient appliances. They use less energy and will save you money.

The more energy efficient it is, the better it is. You will save on your energy usage and costs.

10. Use LED Lights

Using LED lights are more efficient and uses less energy. So, use LED lights were possible.

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