Fantastic Ways To Save Money On Shopping

There are so many fantastic opportunities to save money when you are doing your daily shopping, are you taking advantage of them?

Save money shopping

There are many opportunism to save money, some of them provided by retails to save us money, but many people do not use them. Some, we know of, but cannot be bothered or we think it is too much of a hassle so we don’t take advantage of them to save money.

There are also also things that you might not be aware so you would not have used it to save money when doing your shopping.

Here are some opportunities for you to consider if not doing so already.

1. Tesco Club Card

Tesco gives lower prices and exclusive deals to Club Card members. With club card you can get up to 50% off items in store, that is a big saving. If you was buying the product with a Club Card, you would be paying double.

You also get exclusive deals and rewards from Tesco Club Card, In addition, you can collect points, every time you do your shopping. If you collected 500 points, that would give you £5.

If you shop at Tesco’s at all, then get yourself a Tesco Club Card. It is easy to apply for. You have to register with Tesco Online and then apply for your Club Card.

You can apply for it, here: Get Tesco Club Card.

2. Sainsbury’s Nectar Card

With Sainsbury’s Nectar Card you can get deals and save money when shopping in Sainsbury’s. There are lots of items everyday on deals.

Find out what: Nectar points and how to collect and spend Nectar points.

As well as saving money at Sainsbury’s, you can also collect Nectar points when shopping. Each Nectar point is worth 0.5p.

There are lots of different places that gives you Nectar points as well. These include:

  • Sainsbury’s
  • Argos
  • eBay
  • VUE Cinemas
  • Esso
  • British Airways
  • Caffe Negro
  • Habitat
  • Daily Mail

There are lots of places you can also spend Nectar points as well, including Argos.

Get your Nectar Card, here: Get Sainsbury’s Nectar Card.

Matalan reward loyalty card

3. Superdrug Health and Beauty Card

With the Superdrug Health and Beauty Card, you get lower prices on selected products when shopping in the store or online.

There are many more benefits available with the card such as a member discounts treat every Thursday. And, you can collect points when you are shopping.

If you shop at Superdrug, then don’t ignore the savings you can make. Get your card here: Get Superdrug Health and Beauty Card.

4. Next Clearance Items

If you like shopping at Next, then why not shop at the Next clearance site online.

You buy all the items you would get in Next stores such as men’s wear and woman’s wear but you can also shop for your home and beauty products.

It’s a great place to save money on items if you like Next products.

You can go to Next Clearance, here. Next Clearance Site.

5. Boots Advantage Card

With the Boots Advantage Card you get discounted prices on selected products when you are shopping in the store and online.

Boots Advantage Card also gives you points when shopping for you to collect.

If you want the card, you can get it, here: Get Boots Advantage Card.

6. TU Clearance

If you like Sainsbury’s TU products, then you can pick up bargains at the TU Clearance site. You can get up to 50% off on items.

All the items you would normally buy such as woman’s and men’s wear are available at clearance prices.

You can get TU clearance products from, here: TU Clearance Site.

7. Nearly Out of Date Items

Supermarkets put food items that are nearly out of date at discounted prices. They are not out of date, but going out of date. There is nothing wrong with them, if you were going to use them straight away.

You can sometimes pick up some bargains and save money


We have looked at some opportunities available for us to save money when we are shopping.

Now-a-days with prices rising and cost of living going up. It’s a good idea and time to start making use of these opportunities.

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