How to cancel NOW TV – Quick and Simple

How to cancel Now TV
Quick Answers

How to cancel your NOW TV

Here is how you can cancel NOW TV:

  • Log in to your NOW TV Account
  • On the top right corner, click on ‘My Account‘, then click on, ‘Manage account‘.
  • You will then see a page open with various adverts for options, including ‘Add Boost’ and ‘Check Coverage’. Scroll to the bottom of that page. And, on the left bottom of the page, you will again see ‘My Account’ and ‘Manage account’. Click on ‘Manage account‘. (It might ask you to log in again)
  • You will come to your account page. You will see 3 options on the page: ‘Your membership‘, ‘Your device‘, ‘Your next payment date‘.
  • Below ‘Your membership’, you will see ‘Now Membership’. Click on, Now Membership‘.
  • You will then come to a page showing various options including: ‘Redeem a voucher’, ‘Cancel membership’, ‘Restart membership’. Click on ‘Cancel membership‘.
  • You will then come to a page ‘Was it something we said?’ Giving you various options on why you want to cancel your membership. Choose an option. You can choose the option ‘Another reason‘. And type in ‘I cannot afford it at the moment’. Then click ‘Continue‘.
  • You will then come to a page that will give you an offer of some sort to make you change your mind and not cancel. And, it will give you two options: ‘Ok I’ll stay‘ and ‘I still want to cancel‘. Click on ‘I still want to cancel‘.
  • You will come to another page giving more offers. You will get two options again. ‘Ok, I’ll stay‘ and ‘I still want to cancel‘. Click on ‘I still want to cancel‘.
  • After that, it might still keep giving you different offers or discounts and asking you if you still want to cancel. Click on ‘I still want to cancel‘. Keep clicking ‘I still want to cancel’, when they give you an offer. Eventually, you will get a page saying ‘your pass has been cancelled‘.

Do you need NOW TV?

If you are not sure about cancelling NOW TV, ask yourself ‘Do you really need NOW TV?. How much of NOW TV, do you actually watch.

Do you just watch a particular series again and again. Can you just buy that series on DVD or download, and it will be much cheaper in the long run.

Freeview TV

There is so many programmes on Freeview TV. You get so many shows and programmes to watch on Freeview TV, that it might be enough to meet your needs. Do you really need to have NOW TV.


Can you afford the extra expense, paying for NOW TV. Is it affecting your budget. You might not be able to afford NOW TV now, but might be able to afford it again later.

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