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BT Mobile
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BT Mobile is no longer available for New customers and as BT are the same company as EE, all existing BT customers are referred over to EE. BT Customers can get exclusive deals on EE.

Sim Only Plans

BT customers get Exclusive deals on EE. Here are some plans.

Get DealProviderMonthlyDataCalls, TextContract
Get dealEE Mobile£920GBUnlimited24 months
Get dealEE Mobile£10.8020GBUnlimited12 months
Get dealEE Mobile£13.50100GBUnlimited24 months
Get dealEE Mobile£16.50200GBUnlimited24 months

Check out all the Exclusive Plans, here: EE Exclusive Plans for BT Customers.

Monthly mobile phone contracts

With BT Mobile, all their phones on a monthly contract come with unlimited minutes and text. For the data, they have a small, medium or large data plan, which you can choose from. These are: Small at 3GB of data, Medium at 15GB of data and Large at 100GB of data.

They have selected a range of phones for you to choose from, including the Samsung Galaxy A12. You can purchase a Samsung Galaxy A12 on a monthly contract for £19 (3GB data), £22 (15GB data) or £30 (100GB of data). All on a 24 months’ contract. Check out the rest of the mobiles available and prices, here: BT Mobile Contracts.

Family Value Sim Contract

You get incredible value if you buy as a family. BT Mobile will give you at 20% discount on each additional Sim you add to your account. For more detail, go here: BT Mobile Sim Family Value.

Extra benefits for BT Broadband customers

If you are a BT Broadband customers you get extra benefits including £5 discount off your monthly mobile contract. And, you get 10% off selected EE mobile contracts. Check out the full benefits, here: BT Broadband Customer’s Extra Benefit.

Want to keep your number

BT Mobile gives you the opportunity to keep your existing mobile number. You can do this easily during the ordering process.

What network does BT Mobile use?

BT Mobile uses the EE network and infrastructure for its mobile delivery. Three network covers 99.8% of the UK population, delivering coverage for 5G, 4G and 3G.

Even though there is coverage to 99.8% of the population, before purchasing a BT Mobile, check the coverage in your area. To check coverage, go here: BT Mobile Coverage Checker.

BT Mobile Customer Service Number

You can contact BT Mobile Customer Service on this number: 0800 800150

Customer ratings

On Trustpilot, BT Mobile gets 1.9 Stars from customers, out of 5 Stars.


BT Mobile uses the EE network, so you should get excellent coverage. If you want to buy a phone as well, there is not many to choose from. However, if you are a BT Broadband, customer you will get 10% off from selected EE phone contracts.

Our ratings

We give BT Mobile: 3.5/5

BT Mobile

Get BT Mobile, here: BT Mobile Phones.

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