Green Energy

Green energy is energy which is produced naturally by sunlight, wind or water. It’s production does not leave any by-products to pollute the environment. It is also known as clean energy.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes under the topic or heading of Green energy and it describes energy which is made using substances which renews or restores itself after a period of time.

Types of Green Energy Production

Solar Energy
Solar energy is energy which is produced from sunlight and turned into electrical energy. An example of this is solar panels which uses sunlight to produce electricity.

Wind Energy
Wind energy is energy which is generated from wind, such as wind turbines generating electricity.

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Hydroelectric Energy
Hydroelectric power is using water or power to generate electricity. It uses the flow of water to generate electrical energy.

Benefits of Using Green Energy

Using Green energy is clean and better for the environment as you are not polluting the environment like fossil fuel. It contributes none or very little green house gases to the environment which causes global warming.

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Cost of Using Green Energy As Your Fuel

Using Green energy is a little more expensive but it is worth it as you are helping to keep pollution down and helping to lower your carbon footprint, which helps the environment.

Further reading

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