Tesco Home Insurance Review – what it covers

Tesco as well as being a grocer has Tesco Bank, that offers home insurance to customers. Tesco Bank opened in 1997 and has been offering financial products to customers.

Tesco Bank Home Insurance is a Defaqto 5 Star Rated home insurance.

If you are interested you can get a home insurance quote from Tesco Bank, here: Tesco Home Insurance.


You can protect your home and content with Tesco Bank Home Insurance. They offer: Building and Content Insurance, Building Insurance, Content Insurance.

And, there is a guaranteed discount for Club Members (exceptions apply).

What is covered as standard for building and content insurance

Here are things that are covered with Building and Content Insurance as standard.

Unlimited building cover as standard

As standard, you will get unlimited building cover. This means if there are damages to your home’s structure, fittings and fixtures, it can be replaced, rebuilt or repaired.

£75 000 new for old content cover as standard

You will get £75, 000 new for old content cover as standard. You can increase that to £100, 000 with additional premium.

Building Insurance – what is covered

Here are some things that are covered by the Building Insurance.

One year guarantee on home repairs

You will get one year’s guarantee on home repairs. This will be carried out by builders appointed by the insurers.

Permanent fixtures in your home

The permanent fixtures in your home are also covered. These are your built-in kitchen, bath and wardrobe.

Burst pipes and blocked sewer pipes

Tesco Home Insurance, will cover you for £5, 000 for any bust pipes and blocked sewer pipes. This will cover any repairs needed.

Replacement locks

If you lose your house keys or they are stolen, Tesco Home Insurance will replace your locks and keys.

Alternative accommodation

Tesco Home Insurance, will pay up to £50, 000 for alternative accommodation, if your property becomes uninhabitable due to damage.


You are covered for any subsidence or heave of the site your building stands on.

Up to £2, 000, 000 owner’s liability cover

Tesco Home Insurance will pay up to £2, 000, 000 for owner’s liability cover. This will cover you for legal accountability for accidents caused in your building. You are also covered for any damage caused by any building work at your property.

Accidental breakage

If your windows, glass on the front door or even your solar panel get broken, you are covered.

Buildings Insurance – what is not covered

  • Damage while your home is unoccupied.
  • Damage due to water overflowing from basin, showers, sinks etc.
  • Fences, hedges or gates that are damaged by storm.
    (Take a look at their policy for full detail on what is not covered.)

To get a quote on buildings insurance, go here: Tesco Building Insurance.

Contents Insurance – what is covered

Here are some things that is covered by Content Insurance.

£75 000 contents cover as standard

You will get £75 000 contents cover as standard. You can get £100 000, if you want, by paying an extra premium.

Accidental damage cover to home entertainment equipment

If your home entertainment equipment such as your TV, laptop or computer are accidentally damaged, then you are covered.

Valuable items covered as standard

They will cover you for items such as art, antiques or expensive pieces of jewellery.

Home office equipment

If you have an office at home that is used for admin, clerical or child minding work. Then your office equipment and furniture including your computer, scanner and printer will be covered for up to £10, 000.

Garden items covered for up to £15, 000

Tesco Home Insurance will cover your garden furniture, barbecues and even your clothes that are left outside for drying.

Garden plants covered up to £2, 500

Your garden plants, trees, shrubs and lawn are covered for up to £2, 500 for any loss or damages.

Cover for downloads

Downloaded films or music is covered for up to £2, 000.

Special events

Tesco Home Insurance will automatically cover you for up to £7, 500, for any special events like wedding, Christmas and various religious holidays.

Contents at college or university

Tesco Home Insurance will cover you for loss or damages to contents that belongs to you or a family member, whilst living in halls of residence or any long term accommodation in the UK. They will pay up to £5, 000.

Personal liability cover

Tesco Home Insurance will provide you or a member of your family with liability cover for up to £2, 000, 000.

Tenants liability cover

Tesco Home Insurance will cover damages to the structure of your home or your landlord’s fittings, fixtures and internal decorations. They will also, pay to repair damages to cables, underground pipes and drains. They will pay up to £10, 000.

Optional extras

Tesco Home Insurance also have optional extras for an additional premium.

Contents Insurance – what is not covered

Anything that is shown in the general exclusions including:

  • Money and valuables in the open but within the boundary of your home.
  • Loss or damage to gates hedges and fences.
  • When your home is unoccupied

To get a quote for contents cover, go here: Tesco Contents Cover.


If you are looking for a good value home insurance that is Defaqto 5 Star Rated, the Tesco Home Insurance is a good option. You will also get additional things like home office cover and home entertainment cover that not every home insurance cover provides.

To get a quote for home insurance, go here: Tesco Home Insurance.

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