Marks & Spencer Clearance stocks – and Sale Dates 2024

Find out about Marks & Spencer upcoming sale dates in 2024 and sales, special offers, discounts and free gifts that are available today. We also tell you about the Marks & Spencer Clearance Stock.

Get Sale items on Perfume, Brands, Make-up and the ‘Last Chance to Buy’, items and more.

And, there is up to 50% off on Food & Wine. To find out more, please read on.

Sometimes it’s hard to locate the sale items you are looking for on websites, we make it easier for you to navigate sales and offers that are available on the Marks & Spencer website.

You can look at the sales items available for women’s wear, men’s wear, Kids’ wear, Toys & Books, Beauty and Home at Marks & Spencer.

Marks and spencer

It’s good to know dates for upcoming M&S sales so that you can be ready to buy what you need.

When are the sale dates for M&S in 2024?

The M&S Sale is now on in both online and in store.

Here are the times that M&S Sales usually occur

These are the predicted M&S Sales in 2024.

1. Spring Sale 2024

17 March, 2024 to 17th April, 2024.

2. Summer Sale 2024

Mid July, 2024 to Early, August 2024.

3. Autumn Sale 2024

Mid September, 2024 to Early, October 2024.

4. Boxing Day 2024

This is the Boxing Day sale on 26th December 2024.

When do the M&S sales usually occur?

M&S have a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Boxing Day sale.

There are additional sales, such as Bank Holiday sales, Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Sales etc.

Marks & Spencer Online Sale

You don’t have to wait till the regular sales to start in stores for you to pick up a bargain. Marks & Spencer have items regularly on sale online.

If you are looking for a new coat, dress or trousers, then go and check out what is available on Marks & Spencer online sale.

Marks & Spencer Official Site: Marks and Spencer Online Sale.

Shop sales by department and category

You can shop sale items here by department and category to make it easier for you to find the items you are looking for.

Women’s Sale

Check out all the women’s sale items.

Marks and Spencer Official Site: Women’s Sale at M&S.

Shop Women’s sale by category at M&S

Whether you want to buy a women’s coat, dress or some accessories, find them quickly here.

Shop Women’s sale items by size

If you want to look for the Women’s sale items available at M&S by size, then you can do that as well.

Marks & Spencer coats

Look here for women’s sale items by size (these are some of the sizes that are available at M&S).

30 DD30 E
30 F30 FF
30 G32 FF
34 D34 DD
36 ESize 3
Size 3.5Size 4
Size 4.5Size 5
Size 5.5Size 6
Size 6.5Size 7
Size 7.5Size 8
Size 9Size 10
Size 10 – 12Size 14
Size 16Size 18
Size 20Size 22
Size 24Size 26
Size 26 – 28Small
LargeExtra Small

Shop Women’s sale items by colour

Sometimes, you might want to buy an item of clothing in a certain colour to go with an outfit.


You can search for items that are in the sale by colour, here.


Men’s Sale

Check out all the men’s sale items.

Marks and Spencer Official Site: Men’s Sale at M&S.

Marks & Spencer

Men’s sale by category at M&S

If you are looking for men’s trousers, shirts or coats, you can find them quickly here.

Brand Sale

Marks & Spencer sells a number of brands including DKYN, Phase Eight and French Connection. They have branded clothes available on sale for women, men and children. You can check out brands that are on sale, here.

Marks and Spencer Official Site: Brand Sale At M&S.

Kid’s & Baby Sale – shop by department and category

Thinking of buying something from the M&S Kid’s and baby sale. Then you can find the sale items here.

Girls’ Sale

Check out all the girl’s sale items.

Marks and Spencer Official Site: Girls’ Sale Items at M&S.

Boys’ Sale

Check out all the boy’s sale items.

Marks and Spencer Official Site: Boy’s Sale Items at M&S.

Kid’s & Baby sale items by category at M&S

Here are the Kid’s and Baby sale items by products.

Kid’s & Baby sale items by size at M&S

You can look for Kid’s & Baby items on sale by size.

TinyNew Born0-3 Months
0-6 Months1 Months3-6 Months
6-12 Months9-12 Months12-18 Months
6-18 Months18-24 Months18-36 Months
2-3 Years3-4 Years4-5 Yea
5-6 Years6-7 Years7-8 Years
8-9 Years9-10 Years10-11 Years
11-12 Years12-13 Years13-14 Years
14-15 Years15-16 Years3 Small
3.5 Small4 Small 4.5 Small
5 Small6 Small6.5 Small
7 Small8 Small9 Small
10 Small11 Small11.5 Small
12 Small12.5 Small13 Small
13.5 Small1 Large2 Large
2.5 Large3 Large3.5 Large
4 Large4.5 Large5 Large
6 Large6.5 Large7 Large
8 LargeOne Size8 Years
7 Years6 Years10 Years
12 Years14 Years16 Years
4 Years3 Years5 Years
2 Years9 Years

Toys & Books on sale

Marks & Spencer also sell toys and books, and there are lots to choose from.

Marks & Spencer Toys

Check out the toys that are on sale at Marks & Spencer. There are also a variety of books on for different ages.

Marks and Spencer Official Site: Toys & Books Sale at Marks & Spencer.

Beauty Sale

Marks and Spencer sell a range of beauty products that are on sale. These include makeup, skincare and gift sets.

See all the Beauty products on sale here.

Marks and Spencer Official Site: Beauty Sale Items At M&S.

Beauty items on sale by category at M&S

Here are the Beauty items on sale available by category at M&S.

Beauty items on sale by products

Here are the Beauty items that are on sale by products.

Last Chance To Buy

Here is the ‘Last Chance To Buy’ items at Marks & Spencer. So get them whilst you can.

Check out what is on offer. You might pick up an item you really like.

Get Special Offers, Discounts And Free Gifts

Marks & Spencer offers special offers, discounts and free gifts on their site. Check it and and see what’s on offer.

Get your special offers from M&S here: Marks & Spencer Offers.

Marks and Spencer Clearance Sale Stock Online

There are often good offers, regularly on the Marks & Spencer Clearance Sale online on their website. You should check the website every so often to see what deals are available.

Check for clearance items, here: M&S Clearance on website.

Home Sale

If you are looking to buy homeware or gardening items such as beddings, then Marks & Spencer has plenty of products for you to choose from.

Marks and Spencer Official Site: Home Sale At Marks & Spencer.

Food and Wine – up to 50% off gift offers

There are also deals on food and wine at Marks and Spencer.

Marks & Spencer food and wine

You can get up to 50% of gift offers on food and wine.

Marks and Spencer Official Site: Food and Wine at Marks & Spencer.

Tips for sales

Sale times are very popular as everybody is looking for a deal and want to save money on items. Sometimes, you can find items randomly in sales and save yourself money.

Other times, there might be something in particular that you want from the sale. Something you have been waiting for to go on sale. It can be excellent if you get that item, or disappointing if you don’t.

Here are some tips on sales.

  • Get to the sale as early as you can; as, things will go fast. If you can, queue outside before the doors open. This way you will have a better chance to get sale items.
  • Check out the stocks in the store before the sale starts, so that you know exactly what items you want and where they are located. This will enable you to go straight to the item so you can pick it up.
  • If you see an item you like, but want to look around to see if there is something else better; pick up the item and carry it around with you. If you leave it, and then come back to it, it might have been sold. If you find something better or decide you don’t want it, you can then put it back.
  • See if you can get access to sale items online, it might be easier to buy it from there.
  • If you don’t see something in your size, don’t presume it has sold out. Always ask a member of staff, as they might have it at the back.
  • If you don’t find the size you are looking for, ask a member of staff if they can check if the size is available in another store. If so, you can have it reserved for you to collect.

Browsing in sales can be fun as sometimes you can find items unexpectedly and pick-up a good deal. So, browse around and see what you find.

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