Next Sale Dates 2022 – and how to book an early Sale Slot

It’s good to know dates for upcoming Next sales so that you can be ready to buy what you need. Sometimes, you might need to save money for upcoming sales, so its good know the dates for sales.

When is the date for the Next 2022 Sale?

The Next Sale:
The Next Spring Sale has started on 2nd April 2022. Get up to 50% off on items in store on online.
Start date of sale: December 27th 2021
End date:

Go to your local Next shop. Find your local Next store, here: Next Store Search.

Shop on Next Online Sale: Next Store Online.

Here are the times Next Sales usually occur

These are the predicted Sales for Next in 2022.

1. Spring Sale 2022

17 March, 2022 to 17th April, 2022

2. Summer Sale 2022

Mid July, 2022 to Early, August 2022

3. Autumn Sale 2022

Mid September, 2022 to Early, October 2022

4. Boxing Day 2022

This is the Boxing Day sale on 26th December 2022.

When do the Next sales usually occur?

Next has a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Boxing Day sale.

There are additional sales, such as Bank Holiday sales, Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Sales etc.

Next Clearance Sale

Next has Clearance Sales all the time on their website. This is stock that have remained and leftovers. It can also be odd sizes that has not been sold.

You can sometimes pick up a good deal and some products are up to or more than 50% off the retail price.

It is not just odd sizes such as XXL XL or Extra Small, that are on offer. They have all different sizes on some items. There are occasionally a fashion line that just has not sold.

Clothes and Homeware

The Next Clearance sale has homeware as well as clothes.

If you are looking for homeware such as a table or a bed, duvets, kitchen items or bathroom items, then check out Next Clearance and you could pick up something good and save yourself some money.

Check out the Next Website for any clearance sale items, here: Next Clearance Sale.

Previous Sale Dates 2021

These are the previous sale dates in 2021.

Boxing Day 2021

Boxing Day Sale: From 27 December 2021 to 4th January 2022

How to book an early Sale Slot

The early Sale Slot is called a VIP slot. With a VIP slot, you get an early access to the Sale online.

To book a VIP slot, you need to have a Next Credit Account. And, you need to have at least £250 in your account, 2 weeks before the sale starts.

If you have a Next Credit Account, with at least £250 credit in your account, you should receive an email and text a few days before the sale. You can then book a VIP slot.

Keep checking your email and text about 4 days before the sale, as Slots get booked up quickly.

Get a Next Credit Account

You can apply for a Next Credit Account, here: Next Credit Account.

Tips for sales

The Next Sales are very popular and usually has queues of people waiting outside for the sales to open. Here are some tips for buying during the sale time.

  • Different Next stores, might open slightly different times, due to factors. Ask your local Next store what times the store will open for the sale. This will give you the opportunity to go and queue for the sale if you want to.
  • Go check out the sale items you are interested in before the sale starts. This way, when the doors open, you can go straight to the item and pick it up.
  • If you are browsing in the sale, and you see an item, but you are not quite sure if you want that or there might be something else better. Pick, the item up and then look around. If you don’t, and then you decided that you do want the item, it might have been bought by somebody else. If you pick it up initially and find something better, then you can put the item back.

Browsing in sales are interesting, even without planning. You never know what you might find and pick up.

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