Sainsbury’s TU Sale – Up to 50% off, Get TU Clearance Stock: 2024 Sale Dates

Find out about Sainsbury’s TU Sale in 2023 and about Sainsbury’s TU Clearance Stock

It’s good to know dates for upcoming TU sales so that you can be ready to buy what you need.


We tell you of upcoming sales in 2024 and where to get TU Clearance stocks. And, another place you can get TU clothes on sale. Please read on.

When is the date for the Sainsbury’s TU 2024 Sale?

The next TU Sale:

We will let you know when the Sainsbury’s TU sale is on.

Here are the times that TU Sales usually occur

These are the predicted Sales for Sainsbury’s in 2024.

1. Spring Sale 2024

17 March, 2024 to 17th April, 2024.

2. Summer Sale 2024

Mid July, 2024 to Early, August 2024.

3. Autumn Sale 2024

Mid September, 2024 to Early, October 2024.

4. Boxing Day 2024

This is the Boxing Day sale on 26th December 2024.

When do Sainsbury’s TU sales usually occur?

Sainsbury’s has a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Boxing Day sale.

There are additional sales, such as Bank Holiday sales, Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Sales etc.

Online TU Clothing Sale

TU online, has regular sales. There is up to 50% off clothing on TU Clothing online.

Sainsbury’s TU Official Site: TU Online Shop.

Shop for sales by department and categories

You can shop sale items here by department and category to make it easier for you to find the items you are looking for.

Women’s sale

TU have many items available on their women’s sale. From skirts to dresses.

Tu Sale

Here are the women’s categories on offer.

Shirts & TopsSportswear
Trousers Jeans
Dresses Skirts
T-shirtsShoes and Boots
Lingerie Women’s Jumpsuits & Playsuits
Underwear Accessories
Coats & Jackets Pyjamas
Workwear Tights
Maternity ClothesSlippers
Leggings Shorts
Baby & Nursery

Women’s sale by price

TU also allows you to shop for women’s clothing by price so you can keep within your budget.

Here are women’s sale items by price.

Under £5

£5 – £10

£10 – £15

£15 – £20

£20 – £25

£25 – £50

Men’s sale

TU also do men’s clothing that are fashionable and competitively priced.

Sainsburys men's sale

Here are the men’s categories on available at TU.

Coats and Jackets



Shoes and Boots


Shirts and Tops

Kid’s sale

TU Clothing does a nice range of kid’s clothing items. If you need to buy your child a coat, skirt, shirt or trousers, there are some great value items available.

Girls clothes TU Sale

Here are the kid’s sale by categories.

Trousers Shorts
Shorts & TopsSocks
Coats & JacketsSuits
MultipacksShoes & Boots

Baby sale

If you are looking for outfits, coats or jackets for you baby, then TU also have them in sale.

TU baby sale

Here are categories on sale for baby clothes.

Pyjamas Tights
Baby Outfits & SetsSocks
Dresses Swimwear
Baby Suits & VestsSports & Fitness
Trousers Baby & Nursey
ShortsShirts & Tops
Baby all-in-ones & RompersShoes & Boots
Coats & JacketsFancy Dress

All the sale categories

Here are all the categories on sale at TU.

Women’s Sale

Men’s Sale

Kid’s Sale

Lingerie Sale

Brands Sale

All Sale

TU Clothing Clearance Stock

Apart from the regular sales, TU might have clothes on discount in clearance sales on their website.

Wallis dresses sale

You should check the website, every so often, to see what is available.

Check for TU clearance items, here: TU clothing clearance.

TU Clothes at Sale in Argos

Argos sells TU Clothing and there are items on sale available there. Check out TU at Argos to see what is available today.

TU at Argos: TU at Argos.

Tips for sales

Everybody wants to pick up a good deal in a sale, so sales are very popular. Especially when it comes to expensive items such as a TV or a laptop.

Some people might have waited a long time for the sales so they can save money on expensive items.

It can feel really good if you do mange to get something you want in a sale and equally disappointing if you don’t.

Here are some tips on sales.

  • Get to the sale as early as you can; as, things will go fast. If you can, queue outside before the doors open. This way you will have a better chance to get sale items.
  • Check out the stocks in the store before the sale starts, so that you know exactly what items you want and where they are located. This will enable you to go straight to the item so you can pick it up.
  • If you see an item you like, but want to look around to see if there is something else better; pick up the item and carry it around with you. If you leave it, and then come back to it, it might have been sold. If you find something better or decide you don’t want it, you can then put it back.
  • See if you can get access to sale items online, it might be easier to buy it from there.
  • If you don’t see something in your size, don’t presume it has sold out. Always ask a member of staff, as they might have it at the back.
  • If you don’t find the size you are looking for, ask a member of staff if they can check if the size is available in another store. If so, you can have it reserved for you to collect.

Sometimes, just browsing around in sales and finding something unexpected can be really fun. So, browse around in sales and see what you can find.

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Sainsbury’s Tu Sale
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Sainsbury’s Multipacks

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Sainsbury’s Jeans
Sainsbury’s Workwear
Sainsbury’s Shoes & Boots


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TU Sports & Dance

TU Nightwear & Slippers
TU Underwear, Socks & Tights

TU Shorts & Skirts
TU Jumpers, Sweatshirts


Coats & Jackets
Trainers & Pumps

T-Shirts & Shirts
School Shoes

Sports & Active
Jeans & Denims



Peter Rabbit

Dresses & Outfits
Coats & Jackets

Garden & Outdoor

Home & Office

Kitchen & Dining