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Employment Support – Help Finding Work

Support from Rochdale Borough in Job Support, Apprenticeships and Training

For information on getting help to find a job and training from Rochdale Borough, go to the website: Rochdale Borough Job Support.

Free Employment Support

Employment Links Partnership
(If you are looking for work Employment Links Partnership – Careers Advice provide free support for people of Rochdale Borough . They will support you in fining a job, Apprenticeship or courses)
Go to website, here: Employment Links Partnership.

Work, Health and Skills Team

There are a range of support available from the Work, Health and Skills Team including find a job, training and on starting a new business. Go, to the website, here: Support Finding Work and Training.

Work And Skills Hub At The Strand

RBH and Rochdale Council are offering employment advice and support. For more information, go here: Work and Skills Hub at the Strand.

Work club

If you want support in finding work, you can join a work club in Rochdale. Find a work club here: Find a work Club.


Find out about volunteering here: Volunteering Opportunities.

Support for 16-24 Year Olds – For Work and Training

Youth Hub
If you are 16-24 years old and you are getting ready to find a job. Get support from the Youth Hub, which is Rochdale Council’s support for young people. Get more information, here: The Youth Hub Support.

Support in Finding Work – For People With Disabilities

PossAbilities Employment, support people with disabilities into work. For more information, go here: PossAbilities Employment Support.

Apprenticeships in Rochdale

Apprenticeships at Rochdale Borough Council

You can look for any Apprenticeship opportunities with Rochdale Borough Council and get additional information, here: Apprenticeships At Rochdale Borough Council.

Apprenticeships In Rochdale

To apply for Apprenticeships in Rochdale, Middleton and Haywood, go here: Rochdale Apprenticeships Opportunities.

Apprenticeships in Rochdale

Get support in finding Apprenticeships from NLTG, here: NLTB Apprenticeship Opportunities.

Local College

Hopewood Hall College, supports people into Apprenticeships. Get more information, here: Support from the college.

Level 4 Apprenticeships

Get help with find a Level 4 Apprenticeships, here: Level 4 Apprenticeships.

National Apprenticeships

You can also search for Apprenticeships on the GOV.UK site, here: Find an Apprenticeship.

Free Courses To Learn New Skills or Change Jobs

The National Careers Service provides free courses for you to learn new skills or if you want to change your job. Get more information, here: The National Careers Service.

Advice On Work

ACAS, provides free advice on work and work related matters such as redundancies, dismissals and sick pay. For more information, go here: Advice from ACAS.

Food Bank

Rochdale Food Bank
(If you are struggling for food, go to the Rochdale Food Bank. They have a number of locations for you to access.
Go to website, here: Rochdale Food Bank.

(If you are in financial difficulties and you live in England or Wales, call the national helpline free, on: 0808 208 2138)
If you need financial advice do to hardship, call Help Through Hardship, free on: 07905 820 537

Courses In Rochdale

English ESOL Lessons

For English ESOL classes, go here for more information. English ESOL Lessons.

Rochdale ESOL Support

Get information in improving your English and ESOL courses from the Rochdale ESOL Advice Service, here: ESOL Courses and Advice.

Free Computer Usage and WiFi

Book free usage of a computer or WiFi (if you have your own laptop, tablet or phone) at a number of libraries in Rochdale. You can use the computer for emailing, internet, preparing presentations, editing pictures and more. You can also do free scanning. You can also get free space at the libraries to do work or study. Get more information, here: Get Connected at Libraries.

You can find your local library, here: Find your local library in Rochdale.

Help Getting Online and With Computer

For information on getting help with computers and getting online go, here: Get help with computers.

Computer Tuition

If you want to learn computers, get more information, here: IT and Computer Courses.

Free Advice In Rochdale

Citizens Advice, provides free advice including money, debt, consumer, law and immigration advice. Go to their website, here: Citizens Advice Rochdale.

Fee Money and Benefit Advice

Get free money and benefit advice from MoneyHelper, here: MoneyHelper Free Adivce.

Free Benefits Advice

You can get free advice on Benefits from Turn 2 Us, here: Turn 2 Us Free Benefits Advice.

Credit Union

Manchester Credit Union
If you need credit or to open a bank account if you have bad credit or debt, go to the Manchester Credit Union, here: Help with money in and bank accounts.

Support for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

For information on support for asylum seekers and refugees, go here: Support for asylum seekers and refugees.

Support for Refugees

Refugee Action provides support for refugees. Get more information, here: Support for Refugees.

Advice on Homelessness

If you would like advice on homelessness and prevention from Rochdale Borough Council site, here: Homelessness advice and prevention.

For advice on homelessness, go here: Advice on homelessness.

Street Support Network
Rochdale council can support you if you are facing homelessness. Go here for more information: Support for homelessness.

Rochdale Borough Housing Section
For information and support with homelessness, go here: Information on homelessness.

You can report somebody who is at risk of becoming homeless
To report somebody who is at risk of becoming homeless, go here: Help with homelessness.

Having Difficulties with Money – Discretion Crisis Fund From Rochdale Council

If you are struggling with money, you can apply for a discretion crisis fund from Rochdale Council. Get more information, here: Discretion fund from support.

Having Problems Paying Your Rent or Housing Costs – Discretionary Payment Available

If you are having problems paying your rent of your housing costs, then you might be able to apply for discretionary payments, here: Help with rent and housing.

Food Clubs and Schemes

For families struggling to buy groceries. Join and then get £15 food bags for £3.50. Collect them from either of the following children centres:

Domestic Abuse

If you need advice and support with domestic abuse, go to Rochdale Council’s website, here: Advice and Support.

Get help for domestic abuse, here: Help and Support.

Supporting For Residents With Mental Health

For support with mental health, go to the Rochdale Council’s website, here: Support With Mental Health.

Rochdale Mind
Rochdale Mind supports people with mental health needs. Go to their website, here: Rochdale Mind Website.

Support For Residents With Learning Difficulties And Disabilities

Rochdale Special Education Needs Disability Information Advice Support Service (SENDiass)
For advice and support on learning disability contact SENDiass, here: Advice and support for leaning disability.

Services for Disabled People
For services for Disabled people, go here: Support for disabled people.

For free legal advice go to Citizens Advice in Rochdale, here: Citizens Advice Rochdale.

Activities In Rochdale

Here are some activities available in Rochdale.

Activities in Rochdale on a Budget

For a list of things to do in Rochdale on a budget, go to the council’s site, here: Things to do on a budget in Rochdale.

Activities and Events for Older People

Over 60 Community Websites
For activities and events for people who are over 60, go here: Activities for older people.

Upcoming Events In Rochdale

Here are some events and upcoming events in Rochdale.

Upcoming Events On Rochdale Council’s Website

Check out all the upcoming events on Rochdale Council’s website, here: Upcoming events from Rochdale Council’s website.

Events From Rochdale Online

Check out upcoming events on Rochdale Online, here: Upcoming events Rochdale.

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