Talkmobile – Cheap SIM only deals, new upgrade phones

Cheap SIM Only Deals

Talkmobile offers cheap SIM only deals with a great network provider, Vodafone. So, if you are looking for a new mobile SIM only deal, have a look at Talkmobile.

Unlimited Minutes and Texts

All their data plans come with unlimited minutes and texts, so you are not restricted and you don’t have to worry about talk time and text sending.

30 Days and 12 Months Contract

You can get a 30-days contract or a 12 months’ contract. If you want more data for your money, you can choose the 12 months contract deals.

Here is a selection of their 12 months deals.

PriceDataMinutes and TextContractGet deal
£73GBUnlimited12 monthsGet deal
£8612GBUnlimited12 monthsGet deal
£1030GBUnlimited 12 monthsGet deal
£1550100GBUnlimited12 monthsGet deal

Their cheapest 12 months deal is £7 for 3GB of data, that comes with unlimited minutes and text. However, we think the better deal is the £8 deal that now comes with 12GB of data and has unlimited minutes and text.

If you don’t want to make a commitment, then choose the 30 days plans. Here is a selection of their 30 days deals.

PriceDataMinutes and TextContractGet deal
£51GBUnlimited30 dayGet deal
£73GBUnlimited30 day Get deal
£95GBUnlimited 30 day Get deal
£1212GBUnlimited30 day Get deal

Check out all the SIM deals, here: Talkmobile SIM Only Deals.

Vodafone Network

Talkmobile is a virtual network and uses the Vodafone Network for its mobile delivery. Vodafone is amongst the best networks in the UK and gives coverage to 99% of the population.

However, if you are thinking of buying a Talkmobile SIM, then check out the coverage in your local area. You can check it, here: Talkmobile Coverage Checker.

Upgrade To A New Phone

If you want you can purchase a new phone with Talkmobile’s SIM only plan. Purchase a new phone of your choice and then attach a SIM deal to go with it.

They have a range of phones you can choose from. If you don’t see a phone that you like, then you can talk to them. Tell then the phone you are interested in and they will see if they can get it for you.

And, you don’t have to pay for it all at once. You can pay it off in monthly instalments.

Here are a few phones from their selection.

PhoneMonthlyGet deal
Motorola Moto E7From £10Get deal
Samsung A32 5GFrom £16Get deal
iPhone SE 2020From £24Get deal

If you wanted an iPhone, then you could get the iPhone SE2020 from £24 per month.

Check out all their Upgrade phones, here: Talk Mobile Upgrade.

Keep Your Number

If you have an existing number and you would like to keep it, you can do that. You will need your PAC code. Get more information, here: Keep my number.


Talkmobile offers a good value SIM only deal that is very competitive in the market place.

Talkmobile has a customer rating from Trustpilot of 2.2 Stars, out of 5 Stars, which is rated as ‘Poor’.

However, they are on Vodafone network so you should get the same quality as with Vodafone.

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