75 000 Green jobs lost in UK, Labour claim

Jobs lost in UK’s Green industry

The Labour party claimed that 75 000 UK jobs have been lost in the Green Industry within the last 5 years. Sir Kier Starmer cited this from a publication from the Office of National Statistics. He also called that the UK should concentrate in rapidly growing the Green sector by investments.

Thousand of jobs were lost in solar power and wind energy. Which goes against what the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, had said last year when he said there would be 250 000 jobs created from the governments 10 Point Plan for Green Industries.


If the government want to keep to its CO2 omissions target for the UK, which is to reduce it by 78% by 2035, then it needs to invest more in the Green industry.

There is a lot of money to be made from Green technology and the Green industry, so if the government wants to be at the forefront of this then it must invest in Green jobs.

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