Boost your Nectar Points with Double Mail Rewards Points and get Free Nectar points

The Mail joined forces with Nectar in 2017 to provide its readers with free Nectar points. The Mail gives out generous helpings of Nectar points, and you can collect up to 80 Nectar points every week with My Mail Rewards.
In addition, there are ways you can get Double Nectar points as well as free Nectar points.
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How Do I get My Nectar points from the Daily Mail?

When you buy the Daily Mail, turn to the back of the paper and there is a 12 digit unique number at the back of the page.

This is your unique number for the day. You can collect up to 80 Nectar points each week. To redeem and collect your free points, all you have to do is go to the MyMail site and enter the numbers in your MyMail account.

If you are not a member, you will have to register with MyMail, which is free, and make an account.

To register, free, with MyMail, go here: MyMail website.

My unique number is missing

If your unique number is missing from the back of the Daily Mail for any reason, such as that part of the paper being torn or rubbed away. There is still the chance to get your unit number from MyMail, online.

Go to MyMail, to get more information on this, here: MyMail website.

Is it worth joining MyMail

As well as being able to collect your Nectar points, if you register, free, with MyMaill there are great offers and rewards with MyMail.

They give away money off offers from shopping items, including experience days and activities. You can get up to 60% off deals they are promoting.

And, occasionally MyMail gives away double Nectar points for you to collect, if you are a member.

How much money are Nectar points worth?

Each Nectar point is worth £0.005p in money terms. So, 2 Nectar points is worth 1p. This means for 100 Nectar points, you will get £0.50p.

£0.005p for each Nectar point might not seem that much, but they soon add up. And, don’t forget, you get offers to boost the value of your Nectar points from companies, occasionally. This could mean doubling the value of your Nectar points, when you shop with them.

Nectar points money conversion table

If you have Nectar points, you should be able to work out their value using this table.

How Many Nectar pointsValue in Money
2 1p
10 5p
50 25p
100 50p
200 £1
500 £2.50p
1 000 £5
5 000£25
10 000£50
50 000£250
100 000£500

How to calculate how much any Nectar points are worth

You can work out the value of any Nectar points by multiplying by 0.005.
So if you had 1000 Nectar points it would be: 1000 x 0.005 = 5 = £5

So 128, 378 Nectar points would be: 128, 378 x 0.005 = 64189 = ££641, 89p

Where else can I get Nectar points from the Daily Mail

You can get Nectar points when you subscribe to The Mail’s digital subscription plan. If you subscribe to The Digital Edition, subscription plan, you will get 50 Nectar points every month.

Boost your Nectar points with double Nectar points from Mail Rewards

If you subscribe to The Ultimate Pack from The Mail, you will get Double Nectar points, from Mail Rewards every month when you enter your unique numbers (up to 250 Nectar points every month).

To subscribe to The Mail, go here: Get The Mail Online.

What Nectar points are available with The Mail?

With the Daily Mail from Monday to Friday, there are 5 Nectar points available each day. On Saturday, there is 10 Nectar points available.

And, on the Mail On Sunday, there are 15 Nectar points available.

Free Nectar points with your shopping

If you shop at Waitrose, they have a NEWSPAPER OFFER. If you spend £10 or more, then they will take off the cost of a selected newspaper from your bill. This means you can get The Mail for free and get free Nectar points.

Find out about Waitrose’s newspaper offer, here: Free Mail Newspaper.

Free Nectar points from people you know

Ask the people you know from family, friends and neighbours, if there is anybody who reads The Mail or the Mail On Sunday. If there is anybody, ask them if you could have the unique numbers from the back of the newspaper.

A lot of people who read the Mail do not use their unique numbers for Nectar points, so they might be alright with letting you have them.

Where can you get Nectar Points

You can collect Nectar points from over 400 shops and places, including:

British Airways

Go to the Nectar home page to get more places where you can get Nectar points, here: Nectar Site.

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