How Long Does It Take To Switch Energy Supplier

Switching energy supplier could just take from a few minutes to 30 minutes or so, depending on how you are switching. There are lots of companies and comparison sites where you can do this.


However, the time it takes for your new energy supplier to supply you with energy could take up to 28 day or so, depending on the supplier. It should not take longer than that.

Some suppliers will start the switching process as soon as you have completed the switchover process, whilst some suppliers might wait awhile to do this.

The Energy Switch Guarantee Scheme is a voluntary scheme, set up by the government, that energy companies can join. If they have joined on to this scheme they have to guarantee switching.

And, if it takes longer than 2 weeks, they have to compensate you £30. Get more information on ‘new customer compensation payments’, here from Ofgem.

When you switch energy supplier you have a 14 days cooling-off period for you to change your mind. So, if you changed your mind before the 14 days, you will stay with your present supplier.

Some companies will enable you to track the progress and switchover online.

What happens when you switch energy supplier

When you switch energy supplier your gas and electric supply will not stop. You will not notice any difference, all the work will be carried behind the scenes.

When you have carried out the switchover process with a new supplier. Ask them, how long it will take. Once you have ended your contract with your present supplier, you might be presented with your final bill from them if money is owing.

Do I need to tell my energy supplier I’m switching

After you have completed the switch over, you might want to give the final meter reading to your old suppler, just before you are switched, so that you are charged correctly for your final bill.

You might also want to give the reading to your new supplier so they charge you accurately.



Is switching energy supplier worth it?

You might be able to save money if you switch energy supplier. This is because, energy prices change all the time and you might be on an expensive tariff. Also, if you are on a standard tariff, you will not be getting the best prices for your energy. For more information read our article: Is switching energy supplier worth it.

Is switching energy easy?

You can easily switch energy. Thousands of people do it every month. There are plenty of companies including comparison sites who will help you to switch energy supplier.

What do I need to switch energy suppler?

To switch energy supplier you will need your full address with postcode, name of your present energy supplier and your latest energy bill. Although, if you don’t have your recent bill, you can still do it by answering additional questions such as how many rooms you have in the property.

If you don’t know your energy supplier you can find it here: Find my supplier.

Help with energy bills

If you need help with paying your energy bills read our article: Help With Energy Bills.

Read our article on how to switch energy supplier: Switch energy supplier for a better deal.

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